Hello there!

Welcome to my little corner of the blogging world!

I’m new to all this so I’m sure things will change along the way, but as of right now this site is going to be mainly nail polish oriented. I love nail polish and have a million of them, but lately I’ve been pretty uninspired and have just stuck to reusing the same handful of colors. I decided to start a blog to force myself to be a little more creative and step outside my comfort zone – colors in the cooler end of the color spectrum with the occasional skittles or glitter topper – so I’m going to expand my horizons in the next few weeks! I unfortunately don’t have any awesome equipment like some bloggers but I’ll be doing my best to take great photos with my iPhone 4 camera and may even whip together a little lightbox to make my pictures real purdy for y’all.

Here are some non-polish things I love that will probably find their way into my posts:

Halloween – On the last day of September my apartment is already decorated and I’ve been thinking about costumes for at least three months. The best holiday!
Television – I watch an embarrassing amount of TV but in my defense, there’s so much great stuff on right now! (Okay, there’s also some non-great stuff that I should be ashamed to watch but I do anyway – looking at you, PLL.)
Boba Time’s caramel macchiatos – So goooooooooood. I tried this one day on a whim and now I’m obsessed.
Themes – Any theme for anything, I’m all over it. You’re having a 1920s party? I’m already YouTube-ing how to finger wave my hair. First game of football season? My outfit and nail polish are in team colors. Breaking Bad marathon? I’ll bring the blue sky cupcakes. (And I don’t even really like that show, you guys.)
Pinterest – I know, I know, but it’s really helpful for certain things, plus it soothes me to make random boards when I’m stressed (is that weird?).

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you come back soon!

Ashley x


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