Swing and a Miss

Well, all experiments can’t work out perfectly, right?

I decided to try these polishes together:

08-30-13 bottles

Seems like a fun combo, right? Below are some pics of the final product. (Please note that I am still experimenting with taking photos in my lightbox, that I am using an iPhone camera, and that I painted my nails in a hurry. Maybe how much I dislike this manicure is coloring how I view these photos, but I took a million and none seem that great to me. Apologies!)

Here's a pic before glitter. I really like both of these colors by themselves.

Here’s a pic before glitter. I really like both of these colors by themselves.

08-30-13 First Timer

08-30-13 Sweet Hook

Sweet Hook was good in two coats. First Timer was surprisingly almost good in one thick coat (in my experience Essies are super finicky and take at least 3 coats to look nice).

Now, Glitterbox… I should like it. I mean, square holo glitter? Sign me up. I first saw it as a swatch on Samarium’s Swatches and it looked so gorgeous that I ordered it right then and there. And it is really sparkly and lovely in the bottle.

Here's a macro. So pretty and fun!

Here’s a macro. So pretty and fun!

I had a hard time getting a good “sparkle” picture so I made a little gif:

Color is slightly off, but sparkliesssss

I’ve worn it once before, ages ago when I first got it, and I remembered the formula being a little annoying but not this bad. I know polish can get icky over time so maybe that’s what happened here, but the base was so thick it was really difficult to move the glitter around or put on evenly, drying so lumpy that even two coats of Seche Vite couldn’t smooth it out completely (which is a big pet peeve of mine). I couldn’t get a pic that captured the bumpiness well but trust, it’s one lumpy bastard of a mani. Add that to the fact that I don’t love the pastel glitter pieces over either of these two colors – there’s some purple shimmer you can see in the upper right corner of the macro that does not show up at all over Sweet Hook or First Timer – and blergggg this mani is a total fail for me. I’ll add some thinner in Glitterbox and hopefully it’ll be better next time, although I will only wear this over dark colors in the future.

I hate taking off polish so quickly (especially one like this that’ll be a pain in the ass to remove with the glitter and double layers of top coat), but life is too short to keep on a manicure you don’t like, right? Eh, I’ve had it on for two days, I’ve done my time. I think next I’ll try a combo guaranteed to please, like something holographic.

Thanks for reading! A x

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