Oh Holo There

I haven’t used any holographic polishes in a while, so I thought I’d dig some out but try a style I’ve never attempted before – gradient dotticure! I’ve always liked this mani style, and luckily I have some colors I thought worked really well for a gradient.

Color Club Harp On It, Ludrana (Brazilian brand, can be found at llarowe.com) Supremo, CC Eternal Beauty, China Glaze Shower Together

Color Club Harp On It, Ludrana Supremo, CC Eternal Beauty, China Glaze Shower Together

I didn’t want to use a neutral like black or gray, and yet I was afraid Supremo and Harp On It wouldn’t pop over a lighter color, so I chose teal. Eh. I didn’t LOVE that combo, but I also didn’t hate it (I am sometimes very hard to please, color-wise.) But who cares about that when there’s HOLOS to drool over?

Loves it.

Loves it.

I used three sizes of dotting tools from this set by Born Pretty Store that I’ve had for ages. If you’ve never seen this before, basically you just put a little blob of polish on a piece of paper/plate/whatever, dip your dotting tool in, and dot onto nail. Here’s a good, quick tutorial. I really lack patience with dotting tools – I want to make one blob of polish last for more than one or two dots, but once the polish starts to dry it won’t make a full circle on your nail, resulting in a weirdly-shaped spot (like you can see on more up-close photos below), so you need to keep adding more polish to your blob before it dries too much, but I just didn’t want to take an hour to do these. Oh well, you couldn’t tell too much in real life unless you were really looking hard.

Taken on the pool patio. Yes, it's painted aqua.

Taken in full sun on the pool patio. Yes, it’s painted aqua.

09-26-13 hand sunlight curled

Blurred, as always, for sparkle.

Blurred, as always, for sparkle.

You can see that Harp On It has more of a full-rainbow/linear effect even in such a small amount of polish, that Supremo is less linear but still has a bit of that effect, and that Eternal Beauty doesn’t seem linear at all so it just looks like sparkles (I realize now I should’ve swatted each color ughhh. But here’s a link to Scrangie’s swatches where you can see HOI it a lot more linear/strong than EB).

With the rainbow sparkles it’s hard to see the actual color of each polish, so here’s a look out of direct light. I think the deep purple–>lavender–>silver looks pretty good, right?

See how some of the dots aren't 100% circular?

See how some of the dots aren’t 100% circular?

I originally got Supremo because it was supposed to be close to OPI’s legendary Original from the Designer Series. More Nail Polish has a great comparison post about it, but basically Supremo is a bit more blue, and I actually like its color better, so yay!

I really don’t use my holo polishes enough, but I think it’s because I still feel like I need to hoard them despite how many indie companies are coming out with them now. I do prefer this kind of holo – mostly linear but slightly scattered enough to look sparkly. I have two polishes from the infamous China Glaze OMG collection from 2008 or 2009 (riiiiight before I got into polish in a truly obsessed way) but they’re extremely linear, meaning they look kind of dull in low light. Slightly scattered holos seem to perform even if they’re inside (or maybe it’s just because the ones I have are newer holo formulas?).

So ahhhh, currently I’m trying to catch up on Breaking Bad before the seires finale this Sunday. I started watching it on Netflix earlier this year, but aside from a few episodes I wasn’t all that into it – I mean, it’s a good show, I don’t hate it or anything, I just never got the hype of THIS IS THE BEST SHOW EVAAAA. I actually stopped watching halfway through season 4, but then two weeks ago when I realized the end was almost here my pop-culture-obsessed self wanted to experience the resolution of such a juggernaut show with everyone else, so I started it up again. I only have 3 episodes left, and I gotta say, season 5 was pretty great. Maybe I like it more now because they’re clearly leading up to an explosive ending so everything seems more tense? To be honest, I don’t even remember much of the previous seasons besides a few moments here or there because I marathoned them so it seems like one big blur, but maybe I’ll rewatch in a year or so and see if I like it better. I have to admit, it’s been a pretty exciting last season.

What do you think about this manicure? Are you terrible at doing dots as well? Any thoughts on Breaking Bad?

Thanks for checking out this post! See you next time! A x