Frogs’ Breath Gradient

Halloween manicure the second:

10-06-13 bottle shot

China Glaze Urban Night and Crows Toes Frogs' Breath

China Glaze Urban Night and Crows Toes Frogs’ Breath

I liked this manicure better in theory than in execution. It’s not terrible, but not my favorite either. I think a dark purple that was more blue would’ve gone better, plus I forgot how concentrated the glitter is in Frogs’ Breath so the gradient didn’t turn out that great – there’s no real graduation, just a shitload of polish halfway down the nail, despite my best efforts to take some off. Oh well. I really love Frogs’ Breath, though – all different sizes of glitter in varying shades of green and gold holographic.

My macro lens isn't that great but see how pretty this is?

My macro lens isn’t that great but see how pretty this is?

I like the color of Urban Night, too, but weirdly the formula was SUPER runny and streaky and just generally kind of hard to manage, taking three coats for coverage (you can see around my cuticles I did a pretty bad job of controlling it). Even with that much polish and waiting between coats I still had some bald spots. It’s been a while since I wore this but I don’t think it was this bad before. Still a great color though, an almost bruise-like (sorry, I know that’s gross) reddish plum. This is a hue I wouldn’t have even owned a year or two ago. It’s funny how much my polish tastes have changed between when I first started collecting and now.

10-06-13 fingers

The name Frogs’ Breath makes me think of The Nightmare Before Christmas (I think it was probably the inspiration, this is from Crows Toes’ Halloween collection last year) which is one of my favorite Halloween (and Christmas, obvs) films. I know that recently it’s been co-opted by emo and goth kids who shop at Hot Topic, but I really have loved this movie since I was a kid; I always liked creepy, weird, Halloween-y stuff, and this movie is a perfect mix of all those.

Ghosts and pumpkins

The music is so great they even released a special edition of the soundtrack with artists like Marilyn Manson and Fiona Apple doing their own versions of each song, and visually the attention to detail and just pure scope of the animation is astounding.


I love how Disney was so nervous when this came out there’s no sign that it was a Disney movie – no Disney castle logo in the beginning or anything – but now they happily roll out TNBC merchandise and even decorate Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion with TNBC styling from October to December. I know because I got to go yesterday!

Outside, dolled up with the countdown clock and ribbons and bows galore.

THe Haunted Mansion all dolled up, including the countdown clock.


A little gif of the cool animatronic setup by where you get into the cars.

A little gif I made of the cool animatronic setup by where you get into the cars. Dr. Finklestein’s brain lights up “Noel” ha

I’ve never been to Disneyland at Halloween time, and I loved it! Pretty autumn touches of leaves and foliage-colored banners along Main Street, the aforementioned Haunted Mansion changes, and they even made Space Mountain to be a LOT faster and had some kind of fire-ghost image chasing you as you ride which was so cool and creepy. I went with my sister and our friend, who told us about the Alice in Wonderland “T-Party,” a cool setup in California Adventure where an Alice-themed band (the singer is dressed as Alice, the guitarist is the Mad Hatter, etc) plays on a huge stage with cool club-y lights. There was also an amazing DJ I called Deadbunny because he wore big light-up rabbit ears, which kind of reminded me of Deadmau5. Most importantly, though, they served cocktails! Boozin’ at Disney is the BEST, y’all. The drinks were delicious and even had ice cubes that lit up, which was a fun touch.


Such a great day – we were there for 12 hours and I loved every minute of it.

Do you have any Crows Toes? Are you pro or anti TNBC? Any thoughts on this mani?

I hope you liked this post! See you next time! A x