Poison Apple

This manicure turned out way better than I imagined. It’s pretty classy but also fun and most importantly, has a buttload of glitter.

10-10-13 poison apple

I’ve always loved fairy tales. Actually, the original stories themselves are pretty brief, with surprisingly dry writing, but I guess I just love the visuals I imagine from them: beautiful Briar Rose sleeping for a hundred years in a dark castle tower, twelve lovely princesses whirling and dancing the night away in glorious gowns, the poor miller’s daughter locked in a huge room surrounded by straw. Some fairy tales simply summon up one image, such as the famous poison apple from Snow White.


I love this image from the Disney movie of the evil queen’s potion dripping over an apple, pooling into the shape of a skull. I wasn’t quite sure if my less-than-amazing nail art skillz could pull that off, so I focused on just doing something oozy and drippy.

10-11-13 hand around apple

10-11-13 fingers

This looks like I used a lot of polishes, but most of these colors are for the apple accent nail.

Wet'n'Wild 2% Milk, Milani Dark Chocolate, China Glaze Emerald Sparkle, OPI Color So Hot It Berns, We'n'Wild Black Creme, I Love Nail Polish Candy Apples and Razors

Wet’n’Wild 2% Milk (base for apple nail), Milani Dark Chocolate (stem), China Glaze Emerald Sparkle (ooze), OPI Color So Hot It Berns (apple), We’n’Wild Black Creme, I Love Nail Polish Candy Apples and Razors

All in all, I think this mani came out really cool, especially for my first attempt at drawing-type nail art! For the apple I contemplated using a lighter or more yellow green, something like looked like slime, but I couldn’t resist the dark allure of Emerald Sparkle. I LOVE this polish – deep green with gorgeous glitter, very classy and cool. My favorite part of Disney fairy tale movies is how they made their old-school villains darkly glamourous – Lady Tremaine, the Evil Queen, and of course the best villain Maleficent – and I think Emerald Sparkle matches that idea.

It looks pretty dark in most of my pictures but it's a perfect emerald green.

It looks pretty dark in most of my pictures but it’s a perfect emerald green.

Candy Apples and Razors isn’t something I’d usually get because I don’t wear red or silver too often, but when I Love Nail Polish had it (and a bunch of other holiday polishes) on sale, the swatches made me jump on it. There’s red square and smaller hex glitters, silver shards, small burgundy glitters, and tiny holographic glitter. I only needed one coat on each finger, although like most packed glitters it did take a little placement to make sure there was an even coat. I’m so glad I picked this up, it’s lovely and I love the inspiration!



I liked this so much I wore it for almost an entire week, which is pretty high praise coming from someone who usually changes their polish every 2-3 days. After all that time I only have two chips, too, which is verging on a miracle.

I couldn't resist.

SO CHEESY, but I couldn’t resist.

With each Halloween manicure I post, I’m mentioning a favorite Halloween-y movie of mine. The first few movies I talked about were fun Disney ventures; today I’m discussing the creeptastic classic Rosemary’s Baby. I can’t imagine a more horrifying situation than thinking you’re pregnant with the devil’s baby, and Rosemary’s Baby deftly follows the poor main character’s psychological journey. The whole atmosphere of the movie is moody and unsettling before ramping up to terrifying with the realization that Rosemary has no one to turn to and even her body isn’t her own anymore, just a tool for a truly frightening group of people.

One creepy bitch.

I once read that Roman Polanski originally wanted a more robust, “All-American” girl to play Rosemary, but Mia Farrow’s waif-like frame definitely works for the character – she seems so physically frail and small, and thus truly helpless as she starts to realize what’s happening. It’s pretty chilling stuff, plus the movie has the world’s creepiest lullaby sung at the end. Seriously, it’s basically the scariest thing about the movie. If you aren’t much for gory or violent horror, definitely check this out.

10-11-13 Rosemary

Any Rosemary’s Baby fans out there? Thoughts on this mani?

Thanks for reading! See you next time! A x

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