Baby’s First Water Marble

China Glaze Harvest Moon, Glitter Goblin, Fantasy Makers Rest in Pieces

China Glaze Harvest Moon, Glitter Goblin, Fantasy Makers Rest in Pieces

So I was due for a new mani and even though I had a few ideas for Halloween nails, I wasn’t really into any of them. I went looking through my polishes and remembered how much I loved Glitter Goblin from last year’s China Glaze Halloween collection.

LOVE. China Glaze makes some awesome Halloween polishes (although admittedly the last two years haven't been as stellar).

LOVE. China Glaze makes some awesome Halloween polishes (although admittedly the last two years haven’t been as stellar).

Isn’t this lovely? I’m not even an orange fan usually, but I adore this. Tiny burnt orange and holo silver glitter pieces in a clear base, sparkly as all get out.

The world's tiniest gif. My usual app isn't working :( Blurred, as, always, for sparkle.

The world’s tiniest gif. My usual app isn’t working :( Blurred, as, always, for sparkle.

10-14-13  before 1

It’s not an incredibly dense glitter, making Glitter Goblin perfect for glitter gradients, which is how I usually use this. Here I layered two coats of GG over one coat of another China Glaze, Harvest Moon, from the Hunger Games collection. It’s a great burnt orange/copper foil (although that does make it hard to see the orange glitter in GG because the two colors are so close). I decided to attempt a water marble for the first time ever, and chose to use black and clear polishes so the glitter would show through underneath. My first try was using Wet’n’Wild clear and W’n’W Black Creme, both of which I’ve featured before. It…did not go well.



The polishes were drying super quick in the water so that I couldn’t easily drag my toothpick through and make shapes, it would just scrunch into unattractive blobs, as you can see above. On the one nail (my middle one) that had a kind of cool shape, the black bled through the clear layer. Cue aggravated sigh. I couldn’t admit defeat though, and set about experimenting, so I tried a bunch of different clears (some base coats, Gelous) with a bunch of different blacks (Color Club Revvvolution, W’n’W Ebony hates Chris, Fantasy Makers Rest In Pieces) and none of those were reacting well together. I was getting SO ANNOYED before I realized the W’n’W clear actually worked well, but it was the black polishes that weren’t working – except for Rest In Pieces.

Yes, my toothpick is a cocktail umbrella.

Yes, my toothpick is a cocktail umbrella.

I wanted to have a full manicure that actually looked good, so I did a few gentle swipes of remover over each nail and got off the previous, failed black water marbles. I added another coat of GG because some of the color had come off with the remover (and actually I think it got some of Harvest Moon, too, because the color wasn’t as vibrant during the second attempt, making it harder to see under the black, blergggggg). When that dried, I used W’n’W clear as I did the first time, plus Rest In Pieces, and hallelujah! The polish didn’t dry quickly and I was able to drag some designs into it.

Right hand.

Right hand.

Left hand.

Left hand.

I’m still not THRILLED with this – I couldn’t really make any shapes I truly liked, and Rest In Pieces wasn’t as opaque as I wanted (which I guess is why it worked, the polish is slightly runny/thin) – but it’s miles better than my first attempt! And actually, RIP is kind of cool with this because it’s a black with teeny, tiny purple glitter, which you can see in the macro looks really awesome with GG’s glitter.

Please forgive my raggedy-ass cuticles. It's been a rough week.

Please forgive my raggedy-ass cuticles. It’s been a rough week.

Watermarbling looks so cool when I see it on other people’s blogs, but dude, it’s a LOT of trial and error, clean-up (I used tape around my nails but it still got all over my fingers, as seen in the first attempt photo), and I’m all for experimenting – that’s why I started this blog, after all – but water marbling is a lot more work than I usually want to do. Painting my nails is a relaxing thing for me, so I think it might be a long time before I attempt water marbling again. I’m glad I finally tried it, though!

Continuing with my list of favorite Halloween-y movies, Scream is definitely top five.

"What's your favorite scary movie?"

“What’s your favorite scary movie?”

I really don’t know how anyone can not love Scream. After decades of mainstream horror being relegated to endless, ever-shittier sequels of once-popular ’80s movies (Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street), Scream was a crazy hit because it was so fresh. It was perfectly gory, wickedly funny, and super meta, with the characters savvy about horror pop culture and using their knowledge to escape the villains. I’ve seen this movie a lot and I still love it, if only for the sweet, sweet ’90s outfits.

This is the only group pic I could find and it isn't even that bad, but TRUST, the outfits are hilarious.

This whole movie is such a ’90s time capsule, I love it. The cell phones! Sydney’s computer! Video stores!

Of course, as with any successful horror film, like those before it Scream has a bunch of sequels. Scream 2 wasn’t terrible, Scream 3 was terrible, and Scream 4 was actually a pleasant surprise, for me anyway, but original-flavor Scream is still the best. If you’ve never seen it, you’re doing yourself a disservice – there’s some great jumpy moments, the “who’s the killer?” reveal is awesome, and it’s a really clever and funny film in addition to being scary. Oh man, and it stars practically-baby-faced, newly famous Courtney Cox whose character Gale Weathers (…yeah) is the best, seriously.


Do you have any pathetic water marbling attempts like this one or have you managed to actually triumph over it? Do you have rose-colored ’90s memories of watching Scream like I do?

Thanks for watching! See you next time – A x