Zesty Zombie

Getting close to Halloween now! I hope the weather turns more fall-y in the next few days, it’s sad enough not living where leaves change colors! One day I want an October that looks like this:

Autumn cinemagraph

I wanted to do a gradient (which I’ve actually never done before!) but in a different way. Then I remembered the gradient triangles that Pshiiit did. Sold! Obviously I wanted to use Halloween-y colors, so I chose two with appropriate names, Skull & Glossbones and Zombie Zest.

China Glaze's Zombie Zest, OPI's Skull & Glossbones, and my weird but awesome little zombie arm necklace, complete with oozy green heart.

China Glaze’s Zombie Zest, OPI’s Skull & Glossbones, and I had to use my little zombie arm necklace as a prop!

I’ve shown S&G on here before, it’s a ghostly light gray with an okay formula, needing 2-3 coats. The real star here, though, is Zombie Zest. Isn’t that an amazing name? I got it on sale for $2 at Sally’s a few years ago despite not liking the color at ALL at the time, because I couldn’t resist the name. It’s fairly sheer, probably needing at least 3 coats for full coverage, but I don’t know for sure because I’ve only layered it. I’ve never worn it on its own because it’s a pretty ugly green, a light olive heavily leaning yellow – it looks like phlegm or something, which is gross but fitting since it was in a Halloween collection (2010). There’s some gorgeous duochrome action happening at the edges of the bottle but as is usually the case, it doesn’t show up on the nail.

See the dark green and blue towards the edge? And those fantastic glassflecks!

See the dark green and blue towards the edge?

I usually layer ZZ over a darker color, and I chose a hunter green (Finger Paint’s Scenery Greenery, which I used in the last post). Once I’d painted S&G and let a coat of quick-dry top coat sit for a few hours, I taped off a triangular section on each nail. Then I added a little of Scenery Greenery to a triangle makeup and sponged it heavily at the bottom of my nail, sponging a little less as I went up the nail, finally leaving the top part of the triangle without anything. After all the Scnerery Greenery sections were dried, I dabbed ZZ on another sponge and gently sponged 2 or 3 coats over the whole triangle area.

10-26-13 curled

I do love this necklace. Adorably macabre!

I do love this necklace, with its oozy green heart. Adorably macabre!

10-26-13 macro

When ZZ is layered over a dark color the barfy green goes away, leaving all the gorgeous glass fleck shimmer front and center. I didn’t tape off the triangle sections perfectly, but admittedly I was doing it in crappy lighting while I was watching TV and it doesn’t really bother me. I still think it looks cool and I’m pretty pleased with it overall!

For every Halloween mani post I’m writing about some of my favorite Halloween/horror movies. There’s only a few days left until Halloween, and I feel like I still have so many favorite movies I want to write about! But there’s always next year, right? Today I’ll be discussing one of the best recent horror movies – 28 Days Later.

28 Days group

The premise of this movie is that a “rage virus” quickly spreads and infects the (possibly worldwide) population, basically making people into zombies who can run. WUT. A huge horde of zombies trying to eat you is pretty scary, but a horde of zombies who can run just as fast as you is so much worse. Our main character wakes up alone in the hospital to discover a totally empty city.

28 Days empty London

I love this sequence. Seeing famous locations of huge city like London completely deserted is extremely unsettling. Apparently they managed to get this footage by holding up early-morning traffic for a few minutes at a time while they filmed, backing up inch by inch. This sounds like THE WORST for those drivers, but it’s such a cool couple of scenes and completely sets the tone for the movie.

28 Days zombie

Which is totally terrifying. “The infected”/zombies make weird grunting sounds, have violently jerky movements, and glare through blood-red eyes, making them scary as shit. What is great about this movie, though, is that the little band of survivors who make up our main cast are rescued, only to realize zombies are bad, but power-mad soldiers in survivor mode are even more frightening.

28 Days End is Nigh

I don’t want to give too much away if you haven’t seen this movie, but if you like horror you should! I’ve seen this movie a million times but just thinking about certain scenes (when they get a flat in that tunnel!) practically gives me heart palpitations, which is how you know it’s a great horror flick. (I’ve seen the sequel, 28 Weeks Later, and it’s surprisingly good for a horror sequel, but 28 Days is still the best.)

Thoughts on my mani? Anyone a fan of 28 Days Later?

Thanks for reading! See ya next time! A x

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