Matte Vampy Glittahhhh

This is a quick and easy mani. When they first came out I looooooved Deborah Lippmann’s Ruby Red Slippers and Bad Romance, but I don’t ever spend that much on nail polish, plus the quality of the few I do have (on sale) is definitely not worth that price. Lucky for me (and admittedly shitty for expensive brands, but eh, mama’s got a budget), in the past few years drugstore brands have realized they could copy popular polishes and now you can often find a pretty good dupe of a cool but expensive polish a few months after the original comes out. Which is exactly what I did here.

10-27-13 bottle pic

After checking out comparisons other blogs have done with the real deal, I think these are pretty good dupes, although of course a $1.99 polish is not always gonna be perfect. Case in point, Behind Closed Doors:

10-27-13 WnW macro

See how some of the red glitter pieces have faded around the edges? They’re not a uniform color, either – some of them look more burgundy than red. I’ve had this polish for two years or so and I haven’t worn it that often so I can’t remember if there were always burgundy pieces or if those have morphed over the years, too. BCD is also incredibly sheer, even at 3 coats I don’t think it would be opaque. I just layer a coat or two over one coat of my go-to black, Wet n Wild’s Black Creme.

10-27-13 Revlon macro

Facets of Fuchsia is not as sheer as BCD but it’s still a good idea to layer it. FoF was part of a limited edition collection but is still available, it’s just called Scandalous now. Unfortunately BCD was also part of a limited edition collection a few years ago and I don’t think it’s available anymore.

I really love these polishes. I think the bright red and rich fuchsia against the black looks really mysterious and gorgeous.

10-27-13 curled hand auto

10-27-13 hand auto

Pretty, right? Then I thought: “Heyyyy what if I added a matte top coat?”

Sorry, I banged my middle finger, which is why it looks weird at the bottom.

Sorry, I banged my middle finger, which is why it looks weird at the bottom.

10-27-13 fingers matted auto

I reeeeeeally like this. The glitter pops more against the frosted black and looks really cool (and kind of badass?) in general. I might be mattifying glitter a lot more after this! I used a cheap matte top coat I think I got at Hot Topic a few years ago, but all the big name and drugstore brands have one now, so they’re pretty easy to find.

I know it’s kind of hard to see the difference so here’s a comparison of what the polish looked like before matte top coat and what it looked like after. (In the before my nails only have a thin coat of Gelous to smooth the glitter out; with a proper top coat it would look better but I knew I was going to mattify ’em and I don’t know if a matte top coat would work as well over my usual [thick] top coat, Seche Vite.)

The nails don't match up because I alternated colors on each hand. Also, I don't know what all that black haze is on the top left pic but I had already mattified all my nails.

The nails don’t match up because I alternated colors on each hand. Also, I don’t know what all that black haze is on the top left pic but I had already mattified all my nails and couldn’t take another pic.

I like the purple and red glitter together, too. This is a pretty easy and vampy but still Halloween-y mani. I like it a lot!

Okay, so next on my list of favorite Halloween/horror movies: Sleepy Hollow!

sleepy-hollow pic 2

Tim Burton kinda sucks now, and Sleepy Hollow is the last good movie he made, in my opinion. It’s not the most amazing movie of all time, but it’s a pretty perfect movie to watch around Halloween. Sleepy Hollow takes place in the late 1700s and is about the Headless Horseman terrorizing the town of Sleepy Hollow. Johnny Depp plays Ichabod Crane, a super squeamish forensic investigator (I think? Maybe he’s a constable?) who makes this face a lot when things upset his delicate sensibilities:


and gets sent to Sleepy Hollow to figure out some murders that are happening. Once there, Ichabod finds out that everyone in town thinks there’s a headless dude riding around on a ghost horse, cutting off the heads of townsfolk, so he rolls his eyes and condescends a lot (he’s a pretty hilarious douche, if you can’t tell). He uses his “modern” techniques to investigate the murders, and tries to figure out what the connection/big mystery is. Then one night he actually encounters the Headless Horseman and shit gets real.


This movie isn’t terrifying but it does have a few little jumps, and there’s definitely some super bloody moments. The design and aesthetics are awesome, though – the color palette is almost monochromatic, with sprays of bright, paint-like blood, the costumes are gorgeous, and the setting is perpetually foggy, dark, and creepy yet beautiful. Also, the score is fantastically creepy, as always with Danny Elfman.


How do you feel about matte polish? Any Sleepy Hollow fans out there?

Thanks for reading! See you next time! A x


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