Classic Halloween

The glitter from my last manicure was a bastard to get off, so I’m sticking to cremes for a little while. I wanted to do something that was simple but super Halloween-y, since the big day is almost here.

Eva Neon Orange (never heard of this brand, I borrowed it from my sister when I couldn't find my OPI A Roll in the Hauge) and my old buddy, Wet n Wild Black Creme.

Eva Neon Orange (never heard of this brand, I borrowed it from my sister when I couldn’t find my OPI A Roll in the Hauge) and my old buddy, Wet n Wild Black Creme.

Can’t go wrong with black and orange for Halloween-y, eh? I decided to do a gradient, which as I mentioned previously I’ve never done before with regular cremes, only with glitter. I gathered my polishes and makeup wedges but I went to my sister for help with this one because she’s done a lot of gradients. I knew that basically you painted the two colors in strips that overlapped, like so:

10-30-13 sponge

She had a great tip I hadn’t heard of, though – before polish, dunk the wedge in water and squeeze it all out until it’s just barely damp. This way the wedge won’t leave those little fuzzies in your polish as you dab. However, you do have to work quickly, so the sponge doesn’t completely dry out. I prepped my nails with two coats of the orange as a base and waited for it to dry before doing the gradient over it, since neons are usually pretty sheer. I also learned to paint Black Creme on very thin, because it’s so opaque it would’ve overpowered the orange.

10-30-13 curled

Not bad for a first attempt, eh? I always want to do MOAR! so I contemplated adding glitter on top of this, but after consulting my friend A, we agreed it was too much. Sometimes less is more! Gotta learn that.

10-30-13 fingers spiderweb

One thing I didn’t like is that the gradient isn’t as smooth or seamless as I would like. It’s kind of a Monet.


I think part of it is because the colors are such opposites, and if they were closer in hue (like orange and red), it wouldn’t be so noticeable. Also, cleanup was a nightmare – sponging gets polish all over your finger and black is always hard to get off. My method of polish remover and a pointed Q-Tip was working pretty well until I noticed it was taking off too much of the black so you could see the orange coming through around the cuticle, annnnnnd then I gave up because it was late. Eh, having a perfect cuticle line has never been that important to me, anyway.



I do like this, though. I’ll just have to keep practicing until I can get the gradient perfect.

For the second-to-last movie on my list of favorite Halloween/horror films, I’ve got one that is, simply put, scary as shit.


My siblings and I saw The Strangers together in the theater and loved it (and by “loved it,” I mean “were totally freaked out by it”). Even though I’ve seen it a few times, this movie always makes me so tense and nervous, and I still get a little jump even at parts I’m preparing for. The story is pretty simple: the two main characters, Kristen and James, are a couple who have come back to James’ parents’ cabin (in the middle of nowhere, obvs) after a wedding where things have become awkward between the two. Weird things slowly start happening, like a girl appearing at their door despite the late hour asking if they’ve seen her friend (I know that doesn’t sound scary, but trust, it’s creepy as hell), and despite Kristen’s uneasiness, James has to leave her for a bit. The creep factor is amped up to 11 when the girl comes back…when she’s finally gone Kristen discovers her phone missing from its charger, and then this happens:

Strangers standing

Whaaaaaat?! Some random guy in a MASK is just hanging out in the darkness silently watching you, fading away until the right moment to pop out and scare the terrorize the crap out of you? Home invasion movies are incredibly scary to me – there’s just something so awful about being trapped inside your own home, a place that’s supposed to be loving and safe, plus the whole “no way to contact the outside world for help” most of these stories have. Anyway, James eventually comes back and of course, thinks Kristen is being crazy at first, but then they both start getting hardcore terrorized by the mask-wearing Strangers.


Yeah, I also have a thing about masks. It’s SO SCARY when you can’t see someone’s face! Especially if that someone is attempting to axe murder you. It gives them a sense of power somehow, like they’re an unbeatable phantom or something. Ughhhhh gives me the creeps! I also really like this because yes, there’s some blood, especially at the end, but it’s not an incredibly gory movie; all the thrills are from the tense tone of these Strangers slowly, sadistically playing with and eventually (because of the masks) seemingly emotionlessly brutally hurting Kristen and James. Just don’t watch this if you get easily scared – seriously, I had to keep my light at night the first time I saw this.

Is my manicure sufficiently Halloween-y? Any The Strangers fans (well, not fans, exactly…) out there?

Thanks for reading! See you next time – A x

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