Happy Halloween!

Man, I feel like this month has gone by so quickly! My official Halloween manicure is a repeat of last year, but this year it came out so much better, plus it goes with my costume, Shaun from Shaun of the Dead!

China Glaze Phat Santa and Sunset Sail

China Glaze Phat Santa and Sunset Sail

There are some truly gruesome manicures out there, which are a little too gross for me to want to wear myself. However, I have no problem wearing faux blood splatter around on my digits, so maybe I’m just a hypocrite?

10-31-13 angled fingers 3

This is weird and creepy, for sure, but I don’t think this is super gross, just cool and Halloween-y. It is really messy to do, though.

Basically looks like a crime scene.

Basically looks like a crime scene.

This was pretty simple – I painted two coats of Sunset Sail, a peachy nude, and set up my little station with a big area of paper towels to avoid staining my table cloth. I dipped one of those skinny red coffee stirrers into Phat Santa (China Glaze is so great at naming their polishes), quickly scraped the excess polish off inside the bottle stem, positioned the end of the straw above each nail, and blew through the top. Phat Santa is a deep crimson jelly, so it’s the perfect consistency and color for a blood splatter effect. Last year I used a plain red creme, and it didn’t really look like blood. In the past I’ve had a lot of trouble with loading the straw up with too much polish or having the straw be too close to my nail so it just blows one big blob onto my nail instead of a cool splatter, so I’m really pleased with how this came out.

I don't usually like reds, but this is so delicious.

I don’t usually like reds, but this is so delicious.

These go splendidly with my costume, since Shaun of the Dead takes place during a blood-splattered zombie attack. I didn’t know I was going out tonight until a day or so ago so my costume isn’t perfect (no cricket bat, bright red paint instead of realistic-looking blood splattered on my shirt) but I thought it was pretty good for being so last-minute! I wore a much better version of this costume in college, but only one person knew who I was. It’s become a pretty big cult hit in the past few years, though, so I’m sure way more people will get it when I go out tonight!

Clawwwww hand

Clawwwww hand

And this of course, means that the last movie on my favorite Halloween/horror films list is Shaun of the Dead!


If you like horror at all, you should see this movie. It’s a great comedy but also has a million references/homages to classic horror films plus some amazing gore and special effects. The story follows Shaun, a nice guy who’s in a rut – he’s about to turn 30 yet still works at an electronics store with a bunch of teenagers, he never does anything fun or new with his long-time girlfriend, Liz, and spends most of his time drinking and playing video games with his loser best friend, Ed. Shaun forgets his and Liz’s anniversary, leading to her breaking up with him. He spends the night drowning his sorrows with Ed at their usual pub, and they end up back to Shaun’s place. By the next morning, zombies have totally taken over the city but Shaun is too clueless[other word?]/self-absorbed to realize. There’s a brilliant scene where Shaun makes a leisurely trip to the corner shop and back, totally oblivious to the signs of destruction and even staggering zombies that surround him as he walks.

SOTD oblivious corner shop

Once he’s back, he and Ed realize what’s happening when they see a news report, and then of course some zombies attack their house. After a ridiculous (but eventually effective) attempt at killing the zombies, Shaun tells Ed they need to grab Shaun’s mom and Liz and bring them to their pub, The Winchester, to safely wait everything out. Shaun and Ed set off, dealing with ever-increasing hordes of zombies as well as human obstacles like Liz’s roommates and Shaun’s stepdad, who he hates.

SOTD zombie house

This movie is amazing. That’s really all you need to know – if you haven’t seen it, stop whatever you’re doing right now and watch it. Since I’m an Anglophile in addition to being a horror fan, this movie was just the greatest thing I’d ever seen when I first watched it. Simon Pegg (actor who plays Shaun) and Edgar Wright (director) co-wrote this script and they are seriously genius at seamlessly combining hardcore gore and deep belly laughs. Shaun of the Dead is incredibly quotable (“You’ve got red on you.”) and I’ve seen this movie at least 20 times yet it still makes me laugh really hard each time I watch it. I love, love, love horror comedies and this one makes me laugh both from the big jokes to the little background stuff (like Ed’s hilarable “I Got Wood” shirt). This isn’t only one of my favorite horror movies but one of my favorite movies ever.

SOTD playing zombies

I almost don’t know what to do with myself now that I don’t have any more Halloween posts to do! I hope you all enjoyed these themed posts and manicures, and that you have a fun and safe Halloween!

Thanks for stopping by. See you next time! A x


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