Goldie Boo Boo Ombre

I looooooove this manicure, y’all. I can’t take credit for it, since I got the idea off I Love Nail Polish’s website, but I’m completely in love with this on my nails. I used a lot of polishes in this ombre:

11-21-13 bottle shot

I used slightly different colors than on ILNP’s site, just working with what I had, but I think it looks pretty great! Dark Coffee looks way darker than when I used it previously, but I think it’s because that was one coat over a lighter color, plus I used two coats here. Every color was two coats except sheer 2% Milk, which was three.

From thumb: 2% Milk; My Vampire's Buff; Sand Tropez; Berlin There, Done That; Dark Coffee.

Base colors from thumb: 2% Milk, My Vampire Is Buff, Sand Tropez, Berlin There Done That, Dark Coffee.

I was really surprised My Vampire Is Buff was only two coats, it’s rare that light colors aren’t super streaky/sheer and require three or more coats. However, if you use this luscious french-vanilla cream I suggest waiting a long time for the first coat to 100% dry, because I created a bald spot upon application of the second coat (although I managed to quickly touch it up so it turned out fine).

11-21-13 tilted

Sand Tropez is a mushroom beige with a surprisingly good formula for an Essie (I’ve mentioned before that I must have bad luck with Essies or something, because nail people in general love them but they’re usually a nightmare for me to work with). Berlin There Done That (I really wish there was a comma in there) is a polish I bought only for the name – in fact, I wanted to buy a lot of the polishes from that collection just for their names because I’ve been to a few of those places, but the colors just didn’t warrant it. I almost didn’t get BTDT because this purpley-gray taupe color (seriously, I have no idea how to categorize it) isn’t something I’d usually get, but a few months ago I started to warm up to neutrals and BTDT made its way into my collection after a trip to my fav downtown discount nail supply shop. Which is great, because otherwise I wouldn’t have a color to complete this neutral/brown-tone ombre!

11-21-13 curled around bottle sideways cloudy

And oh, Goldie Boo Boo. I went on and on about ILNP in another post, so I’ll just quickly say again how I love this brand! This glitter combo is autumn in a bottle – according to the website, it’s “inspired by an autumn sunset,” and the orange, brown, gold, and gray glitter pieces really reflect that. UGH I love that the creator put all those colors together, it’s so unique and they are perfect.

Teeny, tiny micro gold glitter; small gold, orange, and gray pieces; and slightly larger orange and brown pieces. I love that all the glitter is small and dainty.

Teeny, tiny micro gold glitter; small gold, orange, and gray pieces; and slightly larger orange and brown pieces. I love that all the glitter is small and dainty.

The brown glitters look black until the light hits them juuuuuust right. I did one coat of GBB on each nail; somehow my ring and pinkie fingers got more glitter than my other ones, but I surprisingly like it better when the glitter is a little more sparse, like on my middle finger (usually I am ALL GLITTAH ALL THE TIME).

Macro of my ring finger; this one shows each of the glitters the best.

Macro of my ring finger; you can see all the different glitters really well here.

Oh man, I just love this manicure – it’s so perfectly fall, but in a very lovely, delicate presentation. (And somehow has lasted almost entire week with no chips and little tip wear, which is unheard of because I’m really hard on my nails!) The problem is, I associate it with fall so much that I can’t see myself wearing it out at other times of the year. I’m a bit of a hypocrite; I say I disregard the “specific colors for specific seasons” thing, but certain colors like this – and almost all of my Halloween and Christmas glitters – are so much that season/holiday in a bottle that it feels weird to wear them at other times. Maybe I’ll get lucky and the weather will stay chilly a little later this year, so I can wear this again in the January/February time frame.

Mmm chai tea!

Mmm chai tea! Less “mmm” is the horrible lighting in my apartment – my hands look dead here.

On Monday I was rushing around trying to figure out plans because I totally thought Thanksgiving was this week. Luckily, I have an extra week to plan! My sister and I are having some friends over, and we’re trying to figure out what to make. My sister is really into side dishes and my jam is cocktails, so I’m trying to figure out a fun recipe that everyone will like. I’m a whiskey lady, myself, and I’ve seen some amazing-looking autumn whiskey cocktails on Pinterest, but my friends aren’t so keen so I’m going to do something with wine or rum, which seem to be crowd-pleasers. Right now I’m thinking mulled wine or some hot apple cider with rum to keep things appropriately fall-themed. Hot booze hits you a lot faster, though, so I need to make the drinks less intense so we’re all not falling asleep before we’ve even eaten!

Thoughts on this manicure? Have I managed to interest anyone in I Love Nail Polish? Any fun cocktail ideas for Thanksgiving you’d like to share?

Thanks for reading! See you next time – A x