Evergreen Skittles

I was going to do a red/green/gold skittle mani next but then I remembered how many luscious, deep green polishes I own and decided to just do all green instead. Green might be my favorite polish color, and I have a special fondness for dark, yellow-leaning greens, as you can see from the colors I picked for this combo:

China Glaze Winter Holly and Holly-Day, Nubar Reclaim, Zoya Veruschka

China Glaze Winter Holly and Holly-Day, Nubar Reclaim, Zoya Veruschka

First let me say that China Glaze has some amazeballs holiday collections. I have 2-6 from each collection of the past 4 years, which is saying a lot because who needs that many holiday polishes? Especially in their holiday collections but also in general, China Glaze knows how to do greens right. Basically all my favorite greens are from China Glaze – Emerald Sparkle, I’m With The Lifeguard, Gaga for Green, Four-Leaf Clover, Glittering Garland, Running In Circles, Jolly Holly, and two of the lovelies here, Winter Holly and Holly-Day.

From pointer: Winter Holly, Holly-Day, Veruschka, Reclaim

From pointer: Winter Holly, Holly-Day, Veruschka, Reclaim

Winter Holly is one of those “super-fine glitter in a clear base” polishes that China Glaze does so well – you can get it opaque in 3 thin coats, but I always prefer to do one or two coats over a similar base color. Winter Holly is composed of tiny forest green, holo, and (I think) gold pieces. When I gathered these polishes together I realized they were all different finishes, so I didn’t use top coat to play with texture a bit. By itself, Winter Holly is similar to the Liquid Sand/Gumdrop/etc polishes that are so popular right now – there’s definitely texture but it’s not super bumpy and gross like chunky glitter, and it dries matte but still has beautiful sparkle. I added two coats of Seche Vite over it on my right hand (it’s one of those glitters that polish people call “thirsty” since it kind of absorbs the first layer of top coat) and while I do like WH by itself, when there’s top coat the green color becomes a bit deeper and the sparkle shines more, making it even more awesome.


Matte/glossy. Also, I did SUCH a bad job of covering up the base coat with glitter!

On my middle finger I did two coats of Holly-Day. Actually, all the polishes shown here (except Winter Holly, which is two coats over one coat of Holly-Day) were pretty pigmented and barely needed a second coat. Check out how glossy Holly-Day is without top coat! I like shimmers and glitters as much as the next girl, but there’s something about glossy cremes that always draws me in. Love this.

My hand is kind of washed out, but you can see the textures really well here (this is what Holly-Day looks like in direct light, also).

My skin is hella washed out, but you can see the textures really well here (also, see how much Holly-Day lightens up when it’s in direct light?).

On my ring is Veruschka, a deep green matte. I just checked and it’s apparently not for sale on Zoya’s site anymore, hmmm. I think this may be the only matte polish I own (intentionally matte, I should say – most neons dry matte) and it’s lovely – very rich and really does look velvety, which was the name of the mini collection this came in (MatteVelvet). It’s really fun to see it constantly change, too, like when you wash your hands and it gets a little shimmery from the water, then dries back to being matte. I added a coat of Seche Vite to my right hand to show you what it looks like with top coat, though – like Winter Holly, the color gets deeper, and the shimmer makes it look like a green galaxy. So pretty!

Matte | Glossy

Matte | Glossy

Last but not least is Nubar’s Reclaim. This is an older polish, 2009 I think, and while it’s not as dark a green as the others here, I wanted to use a holographic color and the only other linear holo I own is very light, so grass green it is! This one doesn’t need much explanation, the formula is wonderful, the holo is strong, and it’s just a really cool polish.

Chubby, chubby pinkie!

Chubby, chubby pinkie!

Here’s a pic I snapped in my car the other day, slightly blurred so you can see the sparkle of Winter Holly. I can’t believe how well these all wore, I had a tiny bit of chipping on my thumb and pointer but that was basically it!

In strong midday sunlight.

In strong midday sunlight.

I don’t have quite as many favorite Christmas movies as I do Halloween movies (mainly because anything horror can be themed “Halloween”) but the ones I have I can watch a million times and never get sick of them. The list includes some classics like Christmas Vacation and Elf, but also the under-appreciated gem that is Just Friends.

Quick plot blurb: Chris (Ryan Reynolds) used to be overweight and lame in high school, and gets humiliated at his best friend Jamie’s (Amy Smart) graduation party when he tries to declare his feelings for her. He moves to LA, getting fit and a job in the music biz, in addition to becoming a douchey player. When his label forces him to spend time with ridiculous pop singer Samantha James (Anna Faris), who’s obsessed with him, their plane to Paris goes down in New Jersey, so he takes her home for a few days while they try to get another flight. He finds out Jamie is back in town and decides to finally try to get out of the friend zone, but she still thinks of him as his goofy high school self and is put off by his new attitude.

This movie is amazing, full stop. When I first saw it at a free screening in college my friends and I hated it, but I watched it again and for some reason everything clicked. (This happens to me with a lot of comedies, for some reason.) My sister and I love this movie and sometimes just quote lines to each other via text for hours. There’s so many little things that make us belly laugh despite having seen it a million times – Chris’ violent relationship with his kid brother; Samantha’s insanely narcissistic behavior; Chris’ reactions to his rival for Jamie, another previously lame dude from high school who’s now a too-perfect dreamboat… Everything about this movie kills me, and I beg of you to watch it if you’ve never seen it.

Anyone love Just Friends as Much as I do? Any thoughts on this mani?

Thanks for reading! See you next time! A x


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