First Christmas Glittah of the Season

Here’s a fairly low-key but still pretty glitter combo…

12-08-13 bottle shot

Velvet Bow is from China Glaze’s 2012 Christmas collection. I think I’ve established pretty well that until recently I have never been a fan of “traditional” polish colors like nudes, reds, berries, etc., but I am really liking this color! The glossy wine/burgundy color looks super sexy – which is not a color I use to describe my manicures very often, believe me – but I finally understand why people love these vampy reds so much! I did 3 coats because there was a little patchiness, but the formula is jelly-ish so that’s not unusual. Here’s a quick pic outside on my patio before I added anything:

It's really glossy even without top coat!

It’s really glossy even without top coat!

I added one coat of I Love Nail Polish’s Something About Merry on top of Velvet Bow. I did have a little bit of trouble getting the glitter pieces to stay where I wanted them to go; I’m actually not sure why, the polish isn’t super thick or anything. Weird. I think I finagled them into a pretty even distribution for the most part, though.

Even though my lamps have a "sunlight bulbs," you can see that Velvet Bow looks a lot darker inside than in real outdoor light.

Even though my lamps have “sunlight bulbs,” you can see that Velvet Bow looks a lot darker inside than in real outdoor light.

This polish is fuuuuuuun. It’s a clear base with bright metallic red and green, and matte white and sheer pearlescent multisized squares and hexes, plus some white shards and microglitter.

Those tiny glitters that look lime green are the reflection of my neon yellow phone case. I'm sorry! I'm getting a ne phone in a few weeks and I'll get a more neutral case, because this is annoying me.

Those tiny glitters that look neon yellow are the reflection of my phone case, sorry! I’m getting a new phone in a few weeks and I’ll get a more neutral case.

This is cheery Christmas spirit in a bottle, and would look good over so many colors that I really debated what to put it over: gold, silver, navy, hunter green, mint… I only chose Velvet Bow because I recently bought it, but I think the dark red looks great under the bright glitter pieces.

12-08-13 diagobal Vb

Out of curiosity (and because I have polish ADD), I used a dark gray shimmer, China Glaze’s Stone Cold, under Something About Merry on my left hand.

12-08-13 curled SC Cloudy

Stone Cold is actually a matte polish (I lied the other day when I said I only had one matte! I always forget about this guy), and it was perfect in one coat. When you put top coat or a polish with a clear base like SAM over it, the lovely shimmers really sparkle, as you can see below:

Again, those tiny glitters are white, not neon yellow!

Again, those tiny glitters are white, not neon yellow!

For some reason I got less glitter on my right hand than my left, maybe because I did it first and was still figuring out how to handle the polish. I think I actually like this hand better – the gray keeps SAM from being too cutesy, but also the grey stands out on its own, it doesn’t fade into the background like Velvet Bow does on my left hand. I love playing with color combinations, and I’m pleased as punch with this one.

12-08-13 diagonal Stone cold

As you’ve noticed, there’s a lot of tip wear in these photos, even though I just did this a day or so ago. This started chipping pretty quickly, too, as usually happens when I wear chunky glitters; these kind of glitters typically have a thicker base, plus they require a coat or two of a thick top coat like Seche Vite (which is what I use) and all those layers for some reason make it easy to get a chip. Sometimes the entire nail’s polish will come off in one big piece, like I was discussing with some friends the other day. I kind of like when that happens, though – it makes the usually taxing glitter removal way easier!

12-08-13 both hands

After all my complaining about wanting chillier weather, I finally got my wish! It’s been in the 50s during the day (I know, that’s nothing compared to the rest of the country, but that IS cold here!) and I’ve gotten to wear all my fun boots and scarves while doing my errands this weekend. It does get kind of chilly in my apartment, though – I’m watching that Bonnie & Clyde miniseries on the History Channel and seriously craving some hot cocoa with peppermint schnapps. B&C, by the way, is pretty bad (super cheesy and the accents are terrible), but I’m a sucker for historical stuff so I’ll probably watch the second half, too. This really makes me want to watch the ’60s movie again, though…

Any thoughts on this mani? Anyone else watching Bonnie & Clyde? (It’s so weird to see the girl playing Bonnie with dark hair since I’m used to her being super blonde on The Borgias!)

Thanks for reading! See you next time! A x

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