Red, Green, and Metallic

First of all, something super tragic has happened, y’all.

12-11-13 RIP

I went to look through some holiday polishes to figure out my next combo and I found this catastrophe. It’s completely dried out! I have no idea how it even happened, the cap seemed to be on correctly and tightly, and the other two polishes in the set with it were totally fine. The base of Party Hearty just…evaporated? There’s a weird lump of glitter stuck together in the middle, but everything else is all dried out. And I don’t even know what happened to that brush! I took a few pictures because I’m kind of fascinated.

12-11-13 RIP collage

I’m also pretty sad, because I went to find a replacement bottle but I can only find it for like $20 on eBay since it’s from a discontinued 2010 collection, but I only use it once or twice a year so I can’t really justify paying that much. Awww, I really loved this glitter! It was the perfect quick, fun topper for holiday nails, and had a great formula. Saaaaaaad times.

I got Party Hearty in a set with two other polishes, Phat Santa and Jolly Holly, and luckily they’re totally fine. I used both as bases for today’s look. I was inspired to use Phat Santa because one of my favorite nail blogs just posted about it. I’ve only ever used Phat Santa for Halloween blood splatter manicures, this is my first time doing a full manicure with it, and I gotta say it’s great! It’s a jelly but pretty opaque – there are a few faint bald spots but I think it’s because I didn’t wait that long between coats (I used 3 here). It’s a medium cherry red, and dries super glossy on its own. This looks like it belongs on the nails of a glamourous 1940s movie star or something.

Car pic!

Car pic! Also, sorry for the sheet marks!

Side note: also, I gotta say, I love the name “Phat Santa.” It’s pretty common practice for polish brands to try to have pun-y or cheeky names for their polishes, which often leads to cringe-worthy titles (Oh God, OPI’s are the worst – “My Vampire’s Buff”? “Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window”? Oy). But China Glaze usually manages to keep them cute and fun – “Too Yacht to Handle” and “Keep Calm, Paint On” were two of my favorites from their collections this year. As someone who definitely will buy a polish for the name alone, this kind of thing is obviously very important to me :)

On my left hand I used Jolly Holly, a hunter green shimmer that also had a great formula. It’s a perfect Christmas green, deep and rich but not dark – it’s clearly green in all lighting.

Sorry, I forgot to take a pic of Jolly Holly by itself.

Sorry, I forgot to take a pic of Jolly Holly by itself.

Taking off Something About Merry was annoying like glitter removal always is, so I decided to skip doing glitter for some metallic shapes and I tried my hand at DIY decals again. I’m not hugely thrilled with how this turned out, but it’s kind of nice to have a change from just glitter, which is usually what I do for holiday manicures.

12-11-13 both hands

I did the triangle/arrow design I liked so much when I first attempted decals and tried something new, using some thin pieces in a sort of starburst design. I tried my left hand with Phat Santa first and honestly I think it looks shitty, but I like it much better on my right hand. I think Jolly Holly’s deeper color sets off the metallics so you can see them better, and I like how the thinner starburst pieces look. I also like the positions of each color better on the right hand, so it’s a gradient of foil-y silver–>light cool gold–>bright yellow gold.

Left hand.

Left hand.

Right hand. Sorry about my awful painting job around the cuticle!

Right hand. Sorry about my awful painting job around the cuticle!

I only did decals on my pinkie and ring because I really like the color of both Phat Santa and Jolly Holly, and I wanted to see a lot of them, but it’s hard for me to just paint one solid color and leave it at that! I need to figure out a way to get the decals themselves more opaque…to an extent it’s cool if they’re a bit sheer so when I layer them on top of each other like I did with the triangles, they show through the ones above them, but here the colors bleed into each other a little too much so it’s hard to distinguish between the colors. Ugh, I also had a hard time cutting the bottoms of the pointed pieces neatly, so that looks kinda awful. Boo.

Weird crossed ring finger shot!

Weird crossed ring finger shot!



I almost forgot to list which polishes I used. I’m kinda out of it today! Here they are:

From left: China Glaze Phat Santa, CG Jolly Holly, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Celeb City, OPI Glitzerland, Pure Ice unnamed gold

From left: China Glaze Phat Santa, CG Jolly Holly, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Celeb City, OPI Glitzerland, Pure Ice unnamed gold

Sorry this was a little all over the place, I’m in a bit of a rush. Any thoughts on this mani? Have you ever had a polish casualty like poor Party Hearty before?

Thanks for reading! See you next time! A x


6 thoughts on “Red, Green, and Metallic

  1. The RIP picture had me laughing pretty hard. But I’m sorry for your loss! I bought a cheap (Sinful Colors) Christmas-y glitter polish the other day and I’ve been meaning to get around to using it. But now I sort of want to go the foil route you have up here! Plenty of time for both, I guess.

    • Haaa thanks! Ooh, I’ve been trying to not buy polishes but Sinful Colors are like $2, they might have something that would fill the Party Hearty void in my heart. You should do some nails foil-y and some nails glittery, and be a total magpie like me :)

  2. OMG, I straight up ugly laughed when I saw the “RIP Party Hearty” picture. But WTFAJITA??? How in the heck did it dry up??! And your brush!!! What even.

    Anyway, I do love the starburst design … it’s kind of deco to me, yes? Maybe if you layer it over a vampier red, it would be even more amazing. :)

    • The starburst definitely looks art deco-y, which is awesome, I just need to not be so lazy and take time to cut them out properly, etc. But let’s be honest, I never have all that much patience…

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