Subtle Stamping

More stamping! Remember how I was talking last time about how some designs are so easy to just stamp down and they look great without too much effort? This design is one of those, and made for a quick and easy mani.

12-18-13 bottles

I’ve worn Phat Santa and Jolly Holly before, but I haven’t featured Posh. I forgot to take a “before” pic with just swatches, but Posh is so great. A perfect Crayola green that’s great in two coats, when I put this puppy with Phat Santa it reminded me of red and green holiday M&Ms. I don’t have many Revlons, and Posh does usually get tip wear pretty quickly on me, unfortunately, but it’s one of my favorite polishes. I can’t think of any other polishes that have a similar color, which is weird because it seems so basic! Just pure green. Maybe Essie’s Mojito Madness? Anyway, it’s amazeballs and you should run out to your nearest drugstore to grab it.

(Please excuse my pictures, my skin tones varies wildly from pic to pic, plus there’s a little tip wear and my cuticles are kinda gross from how dry it’s been.)

12-18-13 curled from side

I was originally going to stamp with gold, but decided to mix it up and try green. Jolly Holly wasn’t completely opaque in one coat when I used it as a base a few posts ago, but somehow it stamped perfectly! If I had a green that was a little more metallic I think this would’ve popped more and been easier to see over Phat Santa, but sometimes a subtle effect is nice.

Posh looks like it leans yellow here, but it doesn't. The other pics are more color-accurate.

This one is more to see the design, the color is way off for some reason.

I used the waved(? For some reason I always think of this as the “1920s” design) stamp on Winstonia plate W111 on my thumb, pointer, and middle fingers, and its inverse on the right there on my ring. I swear, this set of plates if worth it for this image alone. It’s simple but really lovely, and I’m kind of obsessed with it (maybe because it reminds me of this fabulous wallpaper), plus it always comes out so perfectly crisp it almost seems like I’m wearing nail wraps instead of polish.

Another awkward angle!

Another awkward angle!

After stamping, I added Orly’s Mermaid’s Tale on my pinkie to add a little pizazz. Mermaid’s Tale is another polish that I always forget about, then rediscover and want to use it on everything. It’s green small hex and tiny glitter pieces in a clear base, and some of the hexes are holographic which makes a really fun effect. The glitter pieces seem almost teal in some lights, too. This is definitely is very mermaid-y, and the formula is great – even before top coat it dried very smooth which is rare for a glitter. (Side note: I hate Orly’s new bottles, I think they’re so ugly.)

You can see Jolly Holly better over Phat Santa in direct sunlight like this.

You can see Jolly Holly better over Phat Santa in direct sunlight like this.

I really liked this combo, but it got tip wear pretty quickly and as always my thumb started chipping first, and usually once I get a chip that’s my cue to take it off and do something else. I just hope I have time to do the manicure I have in mind next. Oh, also a little heads’ up: I’m going to be busy the next few weeks, so my picture quality might not be the best (I mean, I use a phone camera, so it’s never been amazing, but you know what I mean!).

Anyone love Posh as much as I do? Any thoughts on this mani?

Thanks for reading! See you next time – A x

2 thoughts on “Subtle Stamping

  1. Okay, do you have Essie Pretty Edgy? I feel like that’s close enough to Posh. Mojito Madness has a tinge of color that I don’t think would be flattering on me — for that shade of green, slightly yellow-toned ones work best.

    • Ohhhhhh you’re totally right, I bet Pretty Edgy would be a close match. Hmm for a company that’s mainly known for shades like Ballet Slippers, Essie has some pretty great greens!

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