Hello 2014!/2013 Wrap Up

Happy New Year! I was trying to get this up yesterday but that obviously didn’t work out. I hope everyone had a fun (or enjoyably chill) and safe NYE! I had one of those chill evenings so I didn’t do my usual sparkly makeup, but you know I did my nails:

01-01-14 champagne

I used my super old, half-full bottle of Celeb City and my new, teeny tiny bottle of Happy Birthday. Celeb City was one of my first polishes when I started really getting into it a few years ago – everyone needs one great silver foil, and this guy hit the mark. Celeb City is nearly opaque in one coat (it’s a little thick) and at two it’s a gorgeously bright, reflective silver.

Not a lot of options for cute backgrounds around these parts.

Not a lot of options for cute backgrounds around these parts.

I got my tiny Happy Birthday bottle with rewards points or whatever they’re called at Sephora. I love tiny bottles of anything! It never ceases to amuse me when manufacturers shrink polish, booze, sauce, whatever bottles to baby sizes but make it look identical.

I have a hard time with glitter fades, it usually ends up just looking like a bunch of glitter halfway down the nail with a few pieces that got away from me. Anddddddd that’s pretty much what I’ve got here. Oh well.  Practice makes perfect eventually, right?

01-01-14 diagonal

I really like the bright silver with Happy Birthday, though, so I’m pleased with this combo overall. I’ve done a few other manicures but they all chipped super quickly because of thick glitter polishes and I didn’t have time to take more than one quick pic, so I didn’t make any blog posts about them. I put them on my Instagram but I had some questions so I’ll do a little write up here.

01-01-14 Twinkle Toes-ly

#1 is Butter London’s The Full Monty with Sally Hansen’s Twinkle Toes-ly (I…don’t get the pun?) on pointer and pinkie and stamped with one of my new Bundle Monster plates using good ol’ Wet ‘n Wild Black Crème on thumb, middle, and ring. HOWEVER. I bought this bottle of Black Crème just before I used it and they’ve changed the formula! It’s a little runny now so it doesn’t stamp as cleanly. BLERG.  Twinkle Toes-ly is faboosh, though – got it because Walgreens was doing a buy one, get one half off and it caught my eye.  Basically a (slightly rosy?) gold version of OPI’s Servin’ Up Sparkle/China Glaze’s Techno. Love.

01-01-14 Rise and Shine bright 2

#2 is Sinful Colors’ Rise and Shine with one thick coat of Sally Hansen’s Open Pica Night. When I saw a swatch online of holo square glitter readily available from a drugstore, I had to have it. There’s a LOT of glitter pieces in this polish, which is great because you don’t have to fish around. I can’t wait to put this over every bright color I own! (Those bubbles you see are from a random top coat I used that I found at my parents’.)

2013 was such a weird-ass year for me, speeding by so that I barely remember it despite all the tumult (oh man, I hope 2014 is the chillest, most stagnant year ever, I can’t handle more changes!). So I’m just going to pick a few random favorite things that I can quickly recall off the top of my head for the obligatory end-of-the-year list:

The texture polish trend. I only own two, actually, but I like this texture thing way more than the magnetic, crackle, etc, gimmicks of the past few years. My preference are for the sparkly ones, like Zoya’s PixieDusts. I really want the sparkly silver from OPI’s Mariah Carey collection and Stevie, the lavender from Zoya.

Catching Fire and Frozen. I don’t see many movies in theaters anymore, for lots of reasons – I’m more into TV now, most movies aren’t interesting to me, it’s too frakking expensive, etc – but I did go see these two, and I actually really liked them. The costumes, the director, the story, the acting – everything about Catching Fire was SO much better than the shitty first movie. I’m actually excited to see the next one (well, I’m kind of hoping they manage to make it not as boring as the book, anyway) because they seem to have a feel for the story now. And Frozen! I was really skeptical but they pulled it off. The romantic love story was secondary and not too gushy, and they really focused on the sisters’ love. Plus the songs were pretty good and it was really funny. And there were Arrested Development jokes! I would also like to be friends with a real-life Olaf.

Pinterest. Oh boy, I spend WAY too much time on there, but weirdly it relaxes me. Of course I have the same “practical” boards that everyone else has, like recipes and DIYs, but I also like to make little mood boards – I’ll think of a color or theme and painstakingly pick the right images for it. Sometimes I get a little embarrassed how many boards I have (and I wish I could have like, 10 more secret boards) because I don’t like having a lot of things public, but I like doing it so if I end up having 200 boards by next year, who cares?

China Glaze Sunsational Neons and Color Club Halo Hues (2013 collection). China Glaze tried a lot of new things this year, which is awesome because it shows they’re being inventive, but they didn’t really work me at all. Their summer neon collection, however, was amazing because CG does neons better than everyone, and who knew pastel neons were just what my collection was missing?! And I know indie brands are making holos by the dozens now, but I love that Color Club managed to make easily available polishes (and under $10) with a great formula in richer, more “me” colors that their pastel 2012 collection.

Orange Is The New Black, Orphan Black. My sister and I watched Weeds the whole way through even though it was basically all downhill after season 4, so I was already interested when I heard the creator was making a show based on women’s prison for Netflix. And oh man, did she pull it off – equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking, and just so, so good. I can’t wait to see what season 2 brings. And Orphan Black really surprised me, I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. Tatiana Maslany is a ridiculously amazing actor to play something like 9 different characters and make me completely forget it’s the same person. I love them all but Alison + Felix might be my favs.

This blog! I don’t have a fancy camera to take amazing pictures or sponsors or anything, but I’m just happy I’ve managed to stick with this for so long! (Well, it hasn’t been long, but for me, queen of quitting things, it’s pretty impressive!) And to everyone who reads this, thank you so, so much! I hope you enjoy my designs and ramble-y writing, and that you keep coming back and commenting too, because I love hearing from you!

This is the longest post ever so I’ll wrap it up. Let’s toast to a new year full of creativity, friends, and fun. Thanks for reading, see you next time – A x


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