#nailartjan Day 9 – Pattern

Finally, I posted on time! I knew I was going to do something with stamping for the “pattern” challenge, but it took me a surprisingly long time to decide which design, and which colors. I finally landed on this combo:

01-09-14 bottles with names

I think my bottle of That’s Shore Bright is getting kind of thick already, unless the formula has always been like this? I haven’t used it in a while, so I really don’t remember. It was also pretty opaque (I guess because it was so thick?), almost a one-coater, which is awesome. Oh man, I love this color, it’s so fun! (What is not fun is trying to photograph it properly – it kept showing up way more blue than it really is. My photos taken in the sun are more color accurate.)

01-09-14 curled upside down

When TSB was dry, I used a-England’s St. George to stamp Bundle Monster plate 423 from the Create Your Own fan collection.

Sorry my plate looks kind of gross and smudgy. It's just weird residue from polish remover!

Sorry my plate looks kind of gross and smudgy. It’s just weird residue from polish remover!

Originally I really wanted to stamp with Dragon – probably my favorite of my small store of a-Englands – but in the end this pinky-purple/deep teal combo won out. A-England polishes are super pigmented, many of them one-coaters or nearly so, so they stamp fantastically, and St. George is no exception. In bright light you can see the scattered holo sparkle of St. George, too:

Okay so the stamping isn't perfect around my cuticle, but this is pretty great considering my track record with stamping!

Okay so the stamping isn’t perfect around my cuticle and it kinda smudged at the top, but you can’t really tell normally.

I did have a weird issue on my first few nails where a big chunk of the image wouldn’t transfer to my nail. I’m not quite sure what the issue was, but I made sure that my plate and stamper were both completely dry from the remover each time and used a slightly thicker coat of polish each time, and that seemed to do the trick. Here’s what my right thumb looks like (and you can kinda see how my index was messed up, to):

01-09-14 thumb

Weird, right? I only messed up two before I figured it out, though. I really like this combo! The teal + purple and triangles feels sort of ’90s to me, but not overtly enough to be too cutesy. Also, I’m pretty proud of my stamping job since I did this fairly quickly but almost all the designs are straight and across the entire nail!

Shot in indirect light outside, this is probably most color-accurate.

Shot in indirect light outside, this is probably the most color-accurate photo of TSB.

So I made an awesome discovery today – Veronica Mars is now available on Amazon Prime! I’ve recently been thinking about rewatching the series since a) the movie comes out in March (!!!!!!) and b) last time I tried to rewatch I was only at the beginning of season two when Netflix rudely took it off streaming with no warning last year. I’m almost as excited to rewatch the whole thing as Veronica is about ponies!

01-09-14 Buy me a pony01-09-14 A Pony?!01-09-14 Impressed

Thanks for stopping by! See you next time! A x


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