#nailartjan Day 28 – Re-Creation

Late agaaaaaaain! There goes my promise to post on time :/ Oh well, today’s mani is for day 28, re-creation, and I ended up with something really quick but super blingy.

OPI Which Is Witch? and Color Club Harp On It.

OPI Which Is Witch? and Color Club Harp On It.

I really wanted to do a look from one of my favorite blogs, Blog En Beauté, and there were a few I was really into but I didn’t have the right supplies. I was running out of time but I saw her New Year’s Eve mani on Instagram and thought that would be perfect (and easy)!

Blog En Beauté's original creation from Instagram…

Blog En Beauté’s original creation from Instagram…

…and my re-creation!

…and my re-creation.

There’s really not much to this, just two coats of Harp On It and one coat of Which Is Witch? I took probably over a hundred photos because it’s just SO HARD to capture this perfectly, and I’m still not thrilled with the pics I’ll be using. Just imagine the colors as brighter and more sparkly, because in real life this is crazy in-your-face rainbows! (Also, the lighting/my skin tone varies wildly for the pics below, sorry!) Anyway, if you’ve never seen one of the Color Club Halo Hues before, they are INSANE. Check this out:

Yawza! (Taken in my lightbox.)

Yawza! (Taken in my lightbox.)

The Halo Hues sell for $10, I think, but I found them on this site for $6 (they’re $7 now, but that’s still cheap!). This place is awesome, free shipping over $35 and great customer service – they sent me the wrong bottles and when I emailed, they very quickly shipped out the correct ones but also let me keep the wrong bottles, so I ended up with the whole collection!

Taken near the warm light of a living room lamp.

Taken near the warm light of a living room lamp.

This collection (well, two collections, one came out in 2012, one in 2013) is amazing – great formulas and the holographic rainbows are suuuuuuuper intense. Curiously, I found that Harp On It’s holo died down considerably when I put Which Is Witch? over it, which is weird because top coat doesn’t dull it. I mean, obviously it still comes out in direct light, but it was way stronger indoors before I added WIW? on top. Maybe it has something to do with the competing holos?



What I like about both these polishes is that although they’re obviously best in bright light, you can see their sparkly rainbow goodness in all lighting, even the crappy, really low-watt indoor lighting of my apartment, as you can see below.

01-30-14 low light

Which Is Witch? is small hex and tiny bar pieces, and at first I thought it wasn’t worth buying – I mean, I have a lot of silver holo hex glitters – but because the bar glitters are so small/short, it looks like tiny rays of rainbows on your nails. I mean, it doesn’t get more delightful than that! WIW? is also surprisingly smooth, I didn’t even have top coat for two days; I’d forgotten to put it on because my nails weren’t super bumpy like they usually are with glitter.

Taken in my car in direct sunlight.

Taken in my car in direct sunlight.

Please buy these polishes if you don’t own them and see their lovely effects for yourself! I’m dying to put WIW? over a dark color now that I’ve rediscovered it, and I think a holo ombre with my Halo Hues colors is in order. Let me know if you have these/are going to get them!

Thank you for reading! I only have one challenge left, let’s see if I post it on time :) See you then – A x


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