#nailartjan Day 31 – Silver

Sooooooo I didn’t get the last, like, five posts up in time, I’m sorry about that! But I managed to post almost all of these manicures up on time over on Instagram, and it’s an IG challenge, so I feel like that’s a win. Anyway, the last challenge was “silver,” but I was a little silver-ed out from the last manicure, so I decided to add a little bit of color to accent this design.

02-01-14 bottles with names

I used to be an only-silver girl for my entire life, then suddenly about two years ago I switched to liking gold. Ever since, my poor silver polishes haven’t gotten much use (except for my silver hex holo glitter top coats, obvs), but this prompt made me love silver polish again! Or maybe it’s the combo with Mason’s lovely magenta? That might be it, because I feel like Set In Stones – a nice, albeit somewhat boring, glitter topper – is particularly fabulous on top of Mason, looking super bright and beautiful in a way that I don’t remember it being before. It’s also a pretty packed polish, this is only one coat.

Please forgive my appalling lack of cleanup -  it doesn't look this bad in real life! Also the crappy job I did painting Mason on my middle finger, gah!

Please forgive my appalling lack of cleanup – it doesn’t look this bad in real life! Also the crappy job I did painting Mason on my middle finger, gah! This was a rush job, obviously.

My ring is one coat of OPI’s Silver Shatter over Mason. I know there’s been a LOT of nail polish fads the past few years, but I still like my shatters/crackles/etc. #sorryimnotsorry I hate that my favorite, Black Shatter, got so goopy and then dried out a few weeks after getting it (which I read happened to lots of other people, too), a problem Silver Shatter didn’t have. Maybe the metallic sheen helps Silver Shatter’s formula, because it’s perfectly fine.

02-01-14 around bottle

My pointer is stamped with Worth The Risque, an older Color Club that I thought would be great for stumping since its buddy, the similarly faintly holo Revvvolution, is fabulous for that. WTR did okay; the design (a fractal [?] image from Bundle Monster CYO plate BM-414) came out pretty crisp, but it wasn’t as opaque as I wanted. On my middle finger I did a half moon using a hole reinforcer on the lower part of my nail, painting one thickish coat of It’s Frosty Outside, and immediately removing the sticker. I’m in sweet dirty love with It’s Frosty Outside! The texture is divine – very, very smooth, unlike the Zoya PixieDusts I recently tried – and although I like the crazy sparkle of the Zoyas, IFO’s bright silver metallic is absolutely stunning! I like the tiny glitter + slightly larger hex pieces combination, too. Damn, this just makes me want Baby Please Come Home even more now!

Check out that beautiful shimmer in Mason! Also, please forgive my terrible clean-up around my cuticle!

Check out that awesome shimmer in Mason! Also, please forgive my terrible clean-up around my cuticle!

So that’s it! I kind of can’t believe I completed this whole challenge! The creator made another one for February but while I really liked doing this challenge, I think I’m going to do my own thing for a bit. It’ll feel so freeing to be able to do whatever when the mood strikes! (If I get stuck I might use one of her prompts, though…) I really liked how this challenge had fairly easy themes and was specifically created to be very doable, considering most nail challenges are of the “new manicure every day” variety. Here’s a recap of all the manicures I did for this challenge (I used the photos I put on IG).

It cracked me up to see all my different skin tones, sometimes even from the same setup! Oh proper lighting, will I ever conquer you? (P.S. This is my first gallery in WordPress and I luuuuurve it! I can’t wait to use the circle one in the future!)

I hope you enjoyed seeing my attempts for each prompt! It was a lot of fun and I found some really cool nail bloggers/artists on IG in the process. Thank you so much for reading! See you all next time! A x