Untried Polish Month!

I’ve decided that for February I’m going to do only untried polishes from my stash. I have [embarrassing number I’ll never admit] bottles of polish, and there’s like 10 or so that are my number one favs, the ones I go back to all the time (and wear frequently on my toes!) – but there’s also some that I have never actually put on. Maybe I bought it on a whim one day, or I was waiting so long for it in the mail so I wasn’t that into it when it arrived, or I somehow just completely forget I owned it…but whatever the reason, I’ve got some poor unloved bottles and I thought it would be a good way to weed out which polish I should get rid of (otherwise my hoarder tendencies would make my collection grow to an obscene level). The Sunsational polishes from my last post fit into this theme because technically they were untried, but I had just gotten them; this little guy today is a genuine “untried.”

02-09-14 bottle

My mom got this for me on my birthday? Christmas? a year or so ago, and I always liked it but it’s kind of unusual for me to wear dark polishes – I’m definitely team MOAR COLOR – so I’ve never actually put it on until now.

02-09-14 curled around bottle

212-Sephora is a smoky base with red-to-green flakes, red and green shimmer, and holographic micro glitter. I think it’s a black base, but the shimmer makes it look sort of brown, so I’m not 100% sure. It’s really sheer on first coat, and mostly covers at two but a few nails had bald spots so I did three total. Even the nails that were opaque looked better with a third coat, the color was deeper and more rich. I love the flakes in the black base, it looks like embers burning in the fire.

02-09-14 macro

Not too long after I’d applied top coat, I unthinkingly scratched my arm and wrinkled the polish at the tips of my nails! It looked (and felt) gross, and I mostly managed to smudge the polish back in place but it was still wrinkly. I’m lazy, so I just did another thin coat of 212-Sephora and top coat over the top, but it didn’t look any different than three coats. I don’t think this is available anymore – the Sephora by OPI ($OPI, as nail bloggers abbreviated it) brand was discontinued to make way for the new Formula X brand, but I’ve seen $OPIs at places like TJ Maxx so it’s worth a look. I do think that mostly $OPIs weren’t anything to write home about, you could probably find most of the colors elsewhere, and I like the bolder Formula X brand, but Jesus, it’s so expensive! I mean, I know I”m cheap (I rarely spend over $6 on a polish), but $12-$14 really seems excessive for a polish that’s not a huge brand name or known for amazing formulas. Bleh sorry, rant over!

The holo glitter isn't super visible, but they really catch the light in the sun.

The holo glitter isn’t super visible, but they really catch the light in the sun.

Slightly tilted up so you can see the green shift.

Slightly tilted up so you can see the green shift.

I know this wasn’t super exciting, but I just threw this on quickly after my last manicure was got hella chipped. (I cannot stand chipped polish, I feel like it looks…dirty, almost? Bleh) I’ll figure out something more exciting for next time, promise! Thanks for reading! See you next time – A x


4 thoughts on “Untried Polish Month!

    • I totally have a few I can’t 100% remember if I’ve used or not, so I’m keeping them out of the running and focusing on the ones I definitely know I’ve never used. But I feel like if I can’t remember then I probably don’t like them enough to use so I should probably purge them…#polishprobs

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