Month of Untrieds: Holo and Glittah

Yessss another mani where I knocked out three untrieds in one go! I’ve been meaning to try out these China Glaze Hologlams for a while but they’re sort of subdued so I added a some glitter to jazz it up.

Galactic Gray looks slightly purple here, but it's definitely gray.

Galactic Gray looks light purple here, but it’s definitely gray.

China Glaze put out two holographic collections just before I started really getting into polish (OMG and Kaleidoscope, sometime in the mid-late 2000s) that caused lacquerheads to freak out because holographic polishes were few and far between. They instantly became legendary and were highly sought after for years, but luckily holo polishes are much easier to come by nowadays with a million indie companies making their own – with way better formulas, to boot. Despite this, people got super excited when China Glaze was preparing to release a new holographic collection last spring. Then came news of increased prices (I believe they were $10, up from $6-$7) and swatches of disappointingly subdued colors, and eventually reviews about a bad formula and the holographic being weak. Because of all this, and how none of the colors really wowed me, I didn’t pick any up. But I was at my good ol’ beauty supply place a few months ago and I decided to pick a few up at the fabulously discounted prices.

02-15-14 diagonal copy

As you can see, the holo is practically nonexistent under indirect light. It’s not super strong in most indoor lighting at all, actually. However, it’s pretty strong in the sun, as you can see in photos below. The colors are accurate, though – Galactic Gray is a warm-toned deep gray and When Stars Collide is a sort of purple-tinged maroon.

How's It Snowin'? looks greenish here for some reason…?

How’s It Snowin’? looks greenish here for some reason…?

Galactic Gray definitely has a stronger holo beam(?) than When Stars Collide.

Galactic Gray definitely has a stronger holo flare than When Stars Collide.

So you know how awesome How’s It Snowin’? looks in the bottle shot – gunmetal gray peppered with brightly colored sequins? Yeah, it falls a bit flat on the nail. I thought it was glitter with a clear base but it’s actually a fairly opaque deep gray base, which I think is why the colored pieces get lost after two coats. Cool in theory, though.

See how the colored pieces are barely visible under the gray base and gunmetal micro glitter?

Macro: see how the colored pieces are kind of covered up?

How’s It Snowin’? and When Stars Collide were perfectly opaque in two coats and Galactic Gray was a one-coater, but these holos show every little imperfection on your nail, so you might want to buff your nails gently or use a ridge filler before applying them. These all wore very well, too; it was a few days before I had any chipping.

Anyone pick up any Hologlams? Any thoughts on this combo? Thank you for reading! See you next time – A x


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