Month of Untrieds: Neon Mint and Textured Gold

I love this. After a few manicures that I was lukewarm about, I’m so happy with this one! I wore this bad boy until it was super chipped, which was almost an entire week! (Also, technically I used a polish that wasn’t an untried, but I consider China Glaze 2030 a “basic” since it’s my go-to gold stamping polish.)

02-21-14 bottles

Remember when I did my skittle manicure with last summer’s pastel neons from China Glaze, and I mentioned the store didn’t have Highilght of my Summer (HOMS), the bright mint green I wanted? Well…I went back about a week later (oops), and miraculously they had it! It’s not neon exactly, but it’s quite a bright mint, and “neon pastel” sounds awesome so I’ll continue to call it that.

Please excuse my janky-ass cuticles for these photos!

Please excuse my janky-ass cuticles for these photos!

The formula of HOMS is exactly like Neon & On & On – gloopy, kind of thick, and streaky so it needed three coats. I only did two here though, because I knew I was with stamping over it (although in retrospect I should’ve done a third coat on my pointer, which isn’t really covered up). With these kind of polishes you have to be careful because if you have a tendency like me to do thicker coats, it can end up looking grossly lumpy. Basically, HOMS is a pain in the ass, but for me the color is worth it.

Two thin coats of Honey Ryder was all I needed on my middle finger and thumb. While I do like the selection of colors that the Zoya PixieDusts have, OPI’s texture polishes are hands-down my favorite. Recently I proclaimed my love for It’s Frosty Outside, their fabulous silver texture polish, and while I don’t love Honey Ryder that much, I still really, really like it! Honey Ryder has tiny glitter pieces in it that feel a bit bumpier than the larger hexes of It’s Frosty Outside, but even that is smoother than the Zoya/China Glaze textures I’ve tried (and after a day or so that texture was gone, anyway). I do wish Honey Ryder had larger glitter pieces – I think it might make it more reflective like It’s Frosty Outside – but it’s still a lovely champagne metallic, my favorite kind of gold.

02-21-14 macro

I tried to capture the sparkle of the tiny glitter in Honey Ryder. The pink reflection is from my cardigan, sorry!

I tried to capture the sparkle of the tiny glitter in Honey Ryder. The pink reflection is from my cardigan, sorry!

I used Konad plate m79 for the polka dots and Bundle Monster plate BM-402 for the zig-zag-y design on my middle finger. Stamping was easy as usual with 2030, although I had a really hard time getting that zig-zag-y design in the proper place for some reason – I did my middle finger three times until it was centered, and even then some of the design didn’t come out properly at the tip but ugh I was over it by then. For my index finger I did a quick coat of Seche Vite and after that was fully dry just taped it off and used one quick coat of Honey Ryder. I love diagonal tips, but for some reason it’s difficult for me to get all the diagonals the same size/angle if I’m doing a whole hand.

02-21-14 outside around bottle

I had this manicure on when I went to Disneyland/California Adventure recently! I went back in October, which was fun because HALLOWEEN, but the weather was way better this time, lovely and cool. We also went a bit later in the day, which is great because I love Disney at night!

Tower of TerrorMain Street

We’re more than halfway through the month but I’m determined to get at least three or four more manicures of untried polishes up so I should be posting a lot in the coming week – let me know what you think them! Thank you so much for reading! See you next time – A x