Month of Untried: Indie Glitter!

Today’s manicure includes two polishes I really have been meaning to try forever because they look so fun, I just somehow never got around to it. Month of Untrieds to the rescue!

02-23-14 bottles

Hare Polish was one of the first indie polish makers on the scene, I believe. I somehow snagged this guy and King of Carat Flowers a year or so ago during a restock on Llarowe, and I remember I was sooo excited to have Bisbee, a huge blogger favorite. Hare is one of those brands that would disappear for months at a time when their stock ran out, so it was a scramble to grab some when they came back on sale. I think they’re better at keeping a few polishes in stock on Llarowe and the etsy shop now, though.

Please excuse those chips - I tried to touch it up but it just chipped again  :(

Please excuse those chips and the tip wear – I tried to touch it up but it just chipped again :(

I probably waited so long to try Bisbee because I put on King of Carat Flowers when I first got these, and I was not a fan of the formula. I’d forgotten what a pain in the ass polishes like this are to apply! The base is sheer so they usually need at least three coats to be opaque, but it’s also a bit goopy plus they’re so chock full of glitter that it’s difficult to maneuver on the nail, not to mention nearly impossible to be perfectly smooth (a big pet peeve of mine). You lose a bit of that “glitter suspended in jelly” look when you layer these kind of polishes, but I really hate when I can see my nail line, so I ended up painting one coat of Zoya’s Wednesday with two coats of Bisbee on top.

There's also bubbles and weird imperfections that happen with these jelly bases, as you can see.

There’s also bubbles and weird imperfections that happen with these jelly bases, as you can see in this macro.

I can’t tell if I like this or not – I feel like I should have my polish badge revoked for saying this, but I’m not sure if I’m really into these glitter-in-jelly-base polishes that indie polish makers put on the map and everyone goes nuts over. I do like the color combination of the glitter and base, though. The glitter looks lime green in all my photos because of the teal base, but it’s definitely a bright yellow/gold that’s surprisingly very reflective and shiny. I took this awkward photo when I was outside this weekend in an attempt to show how reflective it is.


My accent nail is China Glaze’s Happy Go Lucky (HGL). I bought this polish a looooong while ago, before I gave up my futile dreams of the perfect yellow polish. Yellow polishes are notorious for their terrible formulas, and on top of that it’s hard for me to find a yellow that’s a true, perfect yellow – not too pastel or too taxi cab. I gotta say, though, I think HGL fits the bill for my favorite yellow! I did have to do three coats to totally cover the streakiness, but by the second coat there was only a spot or two of balding; I bet if I was super careful and waited a bit longer between coats I could get this opaque in two coats. The formula on this bad boy was also really great. China Glaaaaaaaze, you wonderful bastard, you would create my perfect yellow!

I don't know why my skin looks so dead here. :/

Ughhhh I don’t know why my skin looks so dead in this photo. :/

I did the Bisbee tip on my ring by taping the section off with striping tape, then added a coat of Gelous and a coat of Seche Vite when everything was dry, but I still couldn’t get every nail perfectly smooth. Also, I had chips the very next day because of how thick this all was on the nail. I do like how Bisbee looks, despite how frustrating I find the formula, but…hmmm, jury’s still out on if Bisbee’s a keeper or not.

02-24-14 up with bottle

Let me know what you think of this mani (and help me decide if I should keep Bisbee?)! Thank you for reading! See you next time – A x

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