Month of Untrieds: For The Twill Of It

Super short post today! Testing out just one polish this time:

02-24-14 bottle

I’ve been saying this about a lot of my untrieds, but I don’t really know what possessed me to buy this. I’m not a fan of the dismal duochromes big companies put out – they’re always boring colors and the shift is usually super subtle on the nail, anyway. For me it’s intense, bright color changes or GTFO. But For The Twill Of It (and its OPI dupe) intrigued me with that cool gasoline rainbow look in the bottle. I knew there was a 50/50 shot of FTTOI sucking on the nail, but I decided to try anyway since it was only $3.

02-24-14 around bottle

It’s okay. Not really my jam, though. There is color shift on the nail – not much, but some – although it was hard to capture on camera. You can see it on my pinkie in the photo above, and a bit in the photo below.

02-24-14 diagonal

See what I mean about the color being dull? That chrome-y, washed-out teal and purple…it just looks sad and boring to me. I tried to liven this manicure up a bit by adding some striping tape and black polish designs, but that didn’t help, either – my poor, old bottle of Wet ‘n Wild has gotten kind of thick and goopy, and I guess I didn’t pull the tape up carefully enough because my lines didn’t turn out very clean. Sigh. Can’t win ’em all.

02-24-14 curled (none)

Thanks for reading! See you next time – A x


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