Month of Untrieds: Grunge Nails

Second to last post of my untried month, so I had to try and squeeze in as many polishes as I could. Today’s post features three in one manicure:

02-27-14 bottles

The China Glazes are from the New Bohemian collection of 2012, a small set of duochromes. It included a Chanel Peridot dupe, which I do own but can’t find currently and I thought the color wouldn’t show up very well in this manicure, anyway. Instead I threw Iris My Case into the mix, a Nicole by OPI polish that’s a dupe for the purple in the Bohemian collection that I wasn’t really into at the time, but the NOPI was on sale for like $2 and Lord knows I can’t pass up a sale. Anyway, I’d been wanting to try out Chalkboard Nails’ distressed tutorial, and I thought using these metallics over black might save me a step.

02-27-14 diagonal darker

Mine don’t look exactly like Chalkboard Nails’, because I slightly changed it up. If you didn’t follow the link, basically she achieves a “grungy” look by wiping almost all the polish off a brush and doing a few short strokes on the nail over a white base, then repeating with another two colors, then with black. For my manicure, I used a black base then swiped Unpredictable, Iris My Case, and Deviantly Daring over it. The black base showed through the brush strokes, giving it a similar look to if I had done a black coat over top.

02-27-14 curled around bottle darker

This almost looks like crackle polish, doesn’t it? I love how the colors are all cool, so they blend together well and almost look like my polish is changing colors if I move my hand (although it was hard to capture, the duochrome is visible, too – you can see it a bit in the macro below). I know I only used a very small amount, but these seemed pretty opaque and not very brushstroke-y, despite being metallics; I bet they would be great for stamping.

Totally crackle-esque!

Totally crackle-esque!

I wore this for five or six days and they held up pretty well; I had a little bit of tip wear and a few chips, but I just quickly touched them up because I liked this so much. I’m definitely going to try grunge again with brighter colors – it’s a really easy and quick but cool-looking manicure.

02-27-14 curled

Thanks for reading! Come back tomorrow for my last untried manicure! See you then – A x