(Late) Month of Untrieds: Glittah Gradient

Okay, I had this post ready to go yesterday but I ended up not being able to post it, so I’ll have my first March post up tomorrow and here is my Month of Untried finale!

I had two glitters in my untried pile and thought I’d attempt a gradient with them since they’re both supposed to be pretty opaque. I used:

03-01-14 bottles

I got Bit Faker in the recent Butter London sale, along with Poole (which frankly disappointed me – it looks VERY dusty, not at all like swatches I’ve seen online. Maybe I got a dud bottle?) which I also haven’t tried yet but I’ll save it for my next go of untrieds! Bit Faker is a lovely dark bronze glitter with a clear base. It’s definitely opaque, I bet two coats would be all you need. It’s got a lot of scratchy texture, though – I had to use a coat of Gelous and two coats of Seche Vite to smooth this puppy out. Also, please excuse the tip wear – there were some glitter pieces that were all jagged at the tip of my nail so I filed it a bit and only later realized it totally took all the glitter off :(

03-01-14 curled bottle

Essie Beyond Cozy was a huge hit when it came out, but I thought it was kind of boring. Of course, as my tastes have changed a lot in the last year so when I saw it at my favorite cheap polish supply store I threw it in my basket, and I’m glad I did. I don’t have another glitter like it – it’s a light, cool-toned champagne that looks silvery in certain lights.

03-01-14 diagonal

I painted one coat of Beyond Cozy over a coat of OPI’s Glitzerland, a light gold, and then I painted on Bit Faker to about halfway down my nail. After that dried, I did painted another coat of Beyond Cozy starting from the cuticle and lightly brushed it over where Bit Faker ended to shake a smooth gradient. Even though I did this really quickly, I think it turned out pretty well.

03-01-14 curled



This is my last post for my Month of Untrieds! I feel so much more organized now that I’ve finally gotten through so many untrieds and purged some polishes I didn’t need. I hope you guys liked these posts, I might do it again in the future. Thank you for reading! See you next time – A x


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