Little Mermaid Glitter!

I had another post scheduled but I’ve been busy the past few days, then my nails were all chipped and I didn’t really want to redo them. But anyway, today I have a fun combination that includes one of my all-time favorite glitters!

03-08-14 bottles

I do have a fair amount of indie polishes, but I haven’t bought any in more than a year because the indie polish business exploded and I simply can’t keep up. There are WAY too many options and if I’m not 1,000% percent sure I’ll love it I really can’t afford the higher price tags, so I’ve been completely abstaining. This little indie beauty, though, I saw swatched on a random blog about two years ago, and I immediately purchased it. How could I not? It’s totally the Little Mermaid herself in a bottle and I loved it from the first time I put it on!

03-08-14 curled around Ariel bottle

I usually layer this over either Zoya Zuza or Wednesday, because I think the faded aquas really complement Ariel while still allowing the colors to pop. But I decided to change it up today and use Lime Crime’s Lavendairy, one of my favorite purples. It’s got a fantastic formula (and is almost a one-coater! A one-coater pastel polish. Did I just blow your mind?!) and I love the warm, pink-toned lavender hue.

Quick pic of Lavendairy by itself. One of the few color-accurate photos I managed to get!

Quick pic of Lavendairy by itself. This polish was so hard to get a color-accurate photo of!

I thought this bright pastel would look great under the saturated purple, green, and red color scheme, and while the end look is a leeeeetle bit more girly than I prefer, I still really love it. The brush for Ariel is a little longer than I’m used to, with thin but long bristles, but I was able to move the glitter around easily to get even coverage.

Outdoor pic!

Outdoor pic! Sorry for my dry-ass cuticles.

I adore square glitter and love the combination of hex + square glitter even more, so this polish already had that in its favor. And not only has the essence of Ariel been perfectly captured in the red squares (hair), purple hexes (shells), and smaller green hexes (tail), but there’s a gorgeous fine green and white (flake?) shimmer that brings this glitter topper to another level of awesome.

Here's a close up to see that lovely shimmer.

Here’s a close up to see that lovely shimmer.

Perfect match!

Perfect match!

Ariel is still available, as are a bunch of other cool sea-inspired polishes by Sea Lore. I think the color combo is bright and fun even if you’re not a huge Disney fan. I must confess, as a kid I wasn’t a huge fan of Ariel – I mean, obvs I wanted her hair and pretended I was her in the pool, but I was always way more a fan of the Disney villains. Let’s be real, Disney princesses (and princes, for that matter – although I did always like cheeky Prince Philip) as a whole don’t have the most personality, but the villains are always so fun and deliciously evil, with great lines and catchy-ass songs about their eeeeeevil plots. Ursula has always been one of my top fav villains, of course (my #1 is Maleficent, and let’s not talk about that shit-tastic looking live-action movie, UGH). I mean:

Please teach me how to be that fabulous. via

Someone please teach me how to be this fabulous. via

Anyone else love Disney villains way more than the main characters? Any thoughts on this mani?

Thank you for reading! See you next time – A x

6 thoughts on “Little Mermaid Glitter!

  1. As a kid I was suuuuuper into Ariel (I had Ariel wallpaper and an Ariel area rug and Ariel sheets and of course I also pretended to be her in the pool) but nowadays I really appreciate how fabulous Ursula is. I actually bought an Ursula plush at the Disney store a few months ago because I’m not an adult.

    Oh, and on the topic of nail polish, I NEED that Ariel polish. It’s perfect.

    • Oh, I def had an Ariel lamp, sheets, and various things because I was a girl in the ’90s. But I always recognized the greatness of Ursula ha. Also…I was not aware there were Ursula plushes at the Disney Store, and now I MUST own one!

    • Isn’t it awesome? My sister was super into it when I showed her, and she’s not really a glitter person but its awesomeness can not be denied!

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