Going Back to 2011

In going back through some of my favorite polishes, I found these two beauties that were both released in 2011.

03-13-14 bottles

Sigh…2011 was such a great year for China Glaze polishes collections: Anchors Away, the first crackles, Let It Snow, and this one, the Eye Candy collection. I only have two from Eye Candy but they’re awesome – Lorelei’s Tiara and Some Like It Haute (SLIH). SLIH, actually, had a dupe in the same Orly collection (Mineral FX) Rococo A Go Go (RAGG) is from. It’s always so funny to me how every year there’s one or two polishes that most of the big companies all have dupes of (and that will trickle down to drugstores, too, like Chanel’s Peridot). Why does that always happen? Anyway…

03-13-14 curled under - color accurate

SLIH is comprised of small holographic hexes, fine gunmetal glitter, and holographic micro glitter in a sheer base. I layered one coat over OPI’s Lucertainly Look Marvelous, which has a similar gunmetal color; SLIH is very dense and you could probably get it opaque in two coats, but I try to avoid obnoxious glitter removal whenever I can. Man, I really love SLIH – it’s gorgeous but badass at the same time. (Also, surprisingly pretty smooth with just one coat of Gelous and one of Seche.)

And it's SO SPARKLY.

And it’s SO SPARKLY.

RAGG is a reddish purple (wine?) base with gorgeous lighter glass fleck. It also has a golden duochorome effect that’s less apparent on the nail than in the bottle (and hard to capture on camera, of course) but it still gives RAGG a little extra oomph. It’s very multidimensional and ugh, just so pretty.

Awward hand but in the shade you can see a bit of the gold shift on my middle finger.

Awkward hand but in the shade you can see a bit of the gold shift on my middle finger and how crazy awesome the shift is in the bottle!

I’ve been feeling hella lazy lately so I just did some super simple nail art – I cut a little pointy piece out of some tape and used the cut-out part itself on my ring and the tape with the cut-out on my middle. Economical nail art, yo. I’m kind of surprised the shimmery + sparkly finishes go so well together – I can be kind of picky about that, but I love this combination.

Now I’d like to do a PSA about why would should watch Broad City on Comedy Central – because it’s funny as SHIT. It makes me belly laugh so many times an episode, and that’s not an easy feat. The premise isn’t original – two twenty-something friends in New York – but damn, they are hilarious. Their web episodes are still online, but I personally think the show’s funnier. I guarantee you’ll be hoooked from the first episode (if you’re into slightly crass humor, which I am. The second episode is called “Pussy Weed,” so…).

Trying to pick up dudes.  via

Trying to pick up dudes.

"My friend Abbi? Chocolate brown eyes, ass of an angel…" via

“My friend Abbi? Chocolate brown eyes, ass of an angel…”

Oh yeah, and Rafi and Badger show up in an ep.  via

Oh yeah, Rafi and Badger show up in an ep.

Thanks for reading! See y’all next time – A x


3 thoughts on “Going Back to 2011

  1. Those two polishes are GORGEOUS. I could (and did) watch that gif for an exceptionally long time.

    Broad City is great. It took me a little while to decide how I felt but now it’s the first thing I watch when I get home on Thursday (because I’m in bed before it’s on Wednesday night, like a dork). It consistently makes me laugh out loud, which not a lot of other comedies can do.

    • I had to choose between that blurry (and more sparkly) .gif and one where the bottle was in focus, and it took me so long because I was so mesmerized by them!

      Broad City needs to run for 10 seasons. I never want it to end.

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