Blue and Green

Damn, I forgot how annoying it is to get flakie polishes off! I wanted to slap on something pretty simple after that strenuous removal, but I ended up doing a little of everything to my nails.

03-20-14 bottles

I used to wear Aquadelic on one hand and Gaga For Green on the other all the time – lo, those many moons ago when I didn’t have six or so containers full of nail polish. The funny thing about wearing these two colors is they’re not that drastically different, so for example, I’d have coworkers go all day before realizing I had two different colors on and being super baffled when they realized! It’s the perfect solution for someone like me, a tragically indecisive individual – which color? Wear ’em both!

I could NOT get this app to let me make each hand the same size, which is why my right hand looks smaller than my right.  Oy.

I could NOT get this collage app to let me make each hand the same size, which is why my right hand looks smaller than my right. Oy.

These are both from the Electropop collection in 2012, and after only two years my poor bottles are starting to show their age. Aquadelic was weirdly goopy, and Gaga For Green was super sheer and a little runny on its first coat, needing three total to look okay. The colors are still great, though – Aquadelic is the perfect aqua, and I love the fresh, juicy apple green of Gaga. I got a little bored after a day or two, though, so I added a tiny circular stud to my index and pinkie fingers, stamped the triangle design from Bundle Monster plate BM-423 on my rings, and put a coat of I Love Nail Polish’s 11:59 on my middle fingers.





In photos the triangle stamping looks really bad and super smudged but in real life it looks totally fine. I love 11:59 over both of these, Aquadelic especially. It’s got tiny black and gold hexes, larger black squares, and gold circles and micro glitter. Loooooove! I know ILNP is all about making awesome multi-chromes and holos now, but I first found the shop after seeing swatches of her amazing glitters (and promptly bought a bunch of them) and I wish she’d make some new ones!

03-20-14 collage2

Two nights ago I got to go to the Parks & Recreation panel for Paleyfest and it was awesome! Being a huge TV fan, I’ve always wanted to go, and they had so many great shows featured this year! In a perfect world I would’ve gone to The Mindy Project, Orange Is The New Black, Masters of Sex, Veep, and Veronica Mars (I watch a LOT of TV, y’all) in addition to P&R, but I decided I’d only go to one and I chose Parks because I thought this would be its last season. Luckily it got renewed, but I’m still really glad I went, since P&R is one of my absolute favorite shows – it’s like the TV show equivalent of a big ol’ hug that’s hilarious to boot, and if you don’t watch it what the hell are you doing?! Go stream it on Netflix NOW.

03-20-14 Paleyfest cast

We got to watch Thursday’s (tonight’s) episode before the panel started and when the cast came in I was pleased to see Ben Schwartz, aka Jean-Ralphio, included! He unfortunately didn’t really talk much but it made me feel better knowing he was there, since Jean-Ralphio is one of my ultimate fav secondary characters (tied with Joan Calamezzo, obvs).

It was really cool – the creator/writer Michael Schur talked about creating the characters and the show, and Amy Poehler got teary-eyed talking about how much she loved working on the show and getting to be Leslie Knope every day. When they asked the audience for questions, there was a completely bonkers dude who just kept freaking out about how excited he was to be picked for a question and how much he loved everyone on the show, and it he was so effusive and awkward that the cast and everyone in the audience just completely cracked up for almost ten minutes while he freaked out. Then he finally asked a question: “How are you guys like the characters you play, like Retta, are you just always like “Oh hell no, DAMN!” (+ sassy snap fingers), which set everyone off again.

03-20-14 Paleyfest screen

Amy even got to prove her awesomeness by scolding the male audience member who started his question off with “This is the tits!” She and Retta, by the way, walked on stage drinking out of tiny plastic cups, and halfway through when a guy came out to give an envelope to Patton Oswald (the moderator), she jokingly asked him if he would bring out more wine. And he popped back out with the bottle! She offered some to Retta, who declined, as she was drinking champagne like the goddess she is.

Wow this was a long one, if you stuck it out for the whole thing, thank you for reading! See you next time! A x


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