Purple, Purple, Purple!

I apologize for not posting in a week, I got sick :( Also, I realized as I was about to post this that my nails don’t have the best cleanup and I apologize for that, as well! This and the next post were done pretty quickly and I didn’t realize I needed to clean up better until later. Sorry y’all!

I used to really love purple polish, but in recent years they’ve really taken a backseat to my ever-growing collection of greens and blues. I’m pretty sure nothing will ever usurp green/blue polishes as my favorite, but this manicure was a nice change of pace!

China Glaze Harmony, OPI Funky Dunkey, Grape…Set…Match, Servin' Up Sparkle

China Glaze Harmony, OPI Funky Dunkey, Grape…Set…Match, Servin’ Up Sparkle

Grape…Set…Match! and Servin’ Up Sparkle were a duo in a line of polishes created with Serena Williams in 2011. GSM is a beautiful reddish purple with fuchsia and blue shimmer and a subtle purple-to-pinky purple duochrome shift that I remember being pretty sheer but only took two coats here. My SUS has gotten really thick and I had trouble evenly spreading the glitter around, but it is SO SPARKLY. It’s just holo hexes and micro glitter in a clear base – I feel like every polish line has one – but the rainbow sparkle gets me every time, meaning I also own China Glaze’s Techno (which is a dupe but with a better formula), OPI’s Which is Witch?, and still seriously have to restrain myself from buying similar polishes. I just love rainbowsssss (as you can see in the bottle pic, where my bottle of SUS is about a quarter gone).

03-27-14 out of focus bottles

Funky Dunkey (ugh what?) is from the 2010 Shrek collection, which was pretty awesome. I was just starting out in my collection but even then I was pretty impressed that OPI had a collection with nary a red or pink in sight! I grabbed four of the six (I wasn’t a fan of the yellowish green Fiercely Fiona and had a lime green similar to Who The Shrek Are You?) and frequently used them in manicures together. Funky Dunkey is a true purple – not too dark, not too red – with a good two-coater formula.

03-27-14 diagonal

I used China Glaze Harmony, a light purple metallic, for the stamping on my middle finger using Bundle Monster plate BM-417. I love/hate stamping so much. I love that I can get cool, intricate designs on my nails without needing any actual artistic skill, but sometimes it’s so.freaking.hard to get images to stamp perfectly straight or clean. This one came out nice, though! Probably due to the fact that Harmony is a perfect stamping polish, I really need to pick up a few others from that collection. On my pointer I used tape to do a diagonal of GSM over Funky Dunkey, but the contrast wasn’t as much as I originally thought it would be, although in the above pictures, on my index you can see that beautiful duochrome that’s in the bottle. I kind of want to use Grape…Set…Match! as a manicure on its own now, I forgot how pretty it is!

03-27-14 curled under bottle

As I mentioned, I was sick this week, and while I was laying around bored, my sister texted me that there was a “Which Troop Beverly Hills character are you?” quiz on Buzzfeed, and I got Phyllis Nefler!



This made me pitifully happy as I laid on my sickbed. My sister texts me about a Buzzfeed quiz at least once a day and usually I ignore them but I can’t resist anything Troop Beverly Hills. It’s actually a life goal of mine to go to a Halloween or costume party in a perfect recreation of this outfit:

What did you think of this manicure? Anyone else love Troop Beverly Hills (jk, it’s impossible to dislike that movie)?

Thanks for reading! I’ll have another post up for you in the next day or so, promise!

2 thoughts on “Purple, Purple, Purple!

  1. I looooove purple and those are all beautiful. I’ve somehow never heard of Troop Beverly Hills, but I’ll add it to my long list of movies to watch.

    Oh, I also text my sister about buzzfeed quizzes…kind of a lot, so that made me laugh.

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