Sparkles and Holo On A Sunny Day

This is a short one, so let’s get going! I was originally going to use China Glaze’s FYI, a hard-to-find older holographic polish, but I can’t find it :/ I know it’s around here somewhere, but in the meantime I chose Color Club’s Cherubic as a more blingy sub to go with Blue Year’s Eve, a deep blue glass fleck.

03-29-14 bottles

Blue Year’s Eve is sooooo prettyyyyyy. In the sun it looks more royal blue, and it’s hella sparkly which obviously I’m a fan of. It’s a pretty thin formula and very sheer on the first coat, but it looked almost perfect at two coats, and I knew I’d be covering it up so I didn’t add a third. (P.S. my clean up is terrible in these pics, I apologize. I will do a million times better next time!)

03-29-14 bottles in background

Cherubic is from the same collection as Harp On It, and it’s got the same great two-coat formula and intense holographic rainbow. For some reason the holo doesn’t look as intense in these photos but trust me, this polish is insane rainbow perfection.

03-29-14 curled up

I wanted to do something simple so I thought a little quick tape nail art would be good but somehow when I brought the tape up the polish got all smudged and misshapen. I managed to fix it a bit but the lines aren’t perfectly crisp and my middle finger is pretty lumpy still. Not one of my best efforts, but I was sick while I did these so whatevs. Hmmm…looking at these pics kinda makes me want to bring out all my Color Club Halo Hues and do a holo rainbow now.
03-29-14 curled around holo bottle

If you don’t watch Reign on the CW but love cheesy TV, you need to start watching, stat. Last night’s episode was pretty ridic even by CW standards. It’s ostensibly a show about Queen Mary of Scots, but it’s really Gossip Girl at “French” (lolz everyone has a British accent) court. The clothes are great but hilariously incorrect – sometimes they look like cheap Ren Faire costumes, sometimes they look like modern-day prom dresses, and often you’ll see people wearing outfits from like, seven different time periods in the same scene, but most of the time they’re actually pretty and fun, and all of the time the headbands are on point.

I mean seriously, what even is happening with the monkey fur collar in the first pic? via

I mean seriously, what even is happening with the monkey fur collar in the first pic?

But the best reason to watch is Catherine de Medici, who is da best (and is played by Anne Shirley!!!). The rest of the characters get dumb story lines and boring romances, but Queen Catherine gets to poison bitches and has all the best lines. I love her snarky self, and her even the recent interactions with her douchey king husband have gotten awesome lately. I hope they don’t kill either of them off soon!

There is a serious lack of Catherine .gifs online, but trust me, she's a true sass queen.  via

There is a serious lack of Catherine .gifs online, but trust me, she’s a true sass queen.

I have one last post for my unofficial throwback favorites month, and I’m going to attempt a little nail art that will hopefully turn out really pretty! Thank you for reading, see you next time – A x