Going Back to 2011

In going back through some of my favorite polishes, I found these two beauties that were both released in 2011.

03-13-14 bottles

Sigh…2011 was such a great year for China Glaze polishes collections: Anchors Away, the first crackles, Let It Snow, and this one, the Eye Candy collection. I only have two from Eye Candy but they’re awesome – Lorelei’s Tiara and Some Like It Haute (SLIH). SLIH, actually, had a dupe in the same Orly collection (Mineral FX) Rococo A Go Go (RAGG) is from. It’s always so funny to me how every year there’s one or two polishes that most of the big companies all have dupes of (and that will trickle down to drugstores, too, like Chanel’s Peridot). Why does that always happen? Anyway…

03-13-14 curled under - color accurate

SLIH is comprised of small holographic hexes, fine gunmetal glitter, and holographic micro glitter in a sheer base. I layered one coat over OPI’s Lucertainly Look Marvelous, which has a similar gunmetal color; SLIH is very dense and you could probably get it opaque in two coats, but I try to avoid obnoxious glitter removal whenever I can. Man, I really love SLIH – it’s gorgeous but badass at the same time. (Also, surprisingly pretty smooth with just one coat of Gelous and one of Seche.)

And it's SO SPARKLY.

And it’s SO SPARKLY.

RAGG is a reddish purple (wine?) base with gorgeous lighter glass fleck. It also has a golden duochorome effect that’s less apparent on the nail than in the bottle (and hard to capture on camera, of course) but it still gives RAGG a little extra oomph. It’s very multidimensional and ugh, just so pretty.

Awward hand but in the shade you can see a bit of the gold shift on my middle finger.

Awkward hand but in the shade you can see a bit of the gold shift on my middle finger and how crazy awesome the shift is in the bottle!

I’ve been feeling hella lazy lately so I just did some super simple nail art – I cut a little pointy piece out of some tape and used the cut-out part itself on my ring and the tape with the cut-out on my middle. Economical nail art, yo. I’m kind of surprised the shimmery + sparkly finishes go so well together – I can be kind of picky about that, but I love this combination.

Now I’d like to do a PSA about why would should watch Broad City on Comedy Central – because it’s funny as SHIT. It makes me belly laugh so many times an episode, and that’s not an easy feat. The premise isn’t original – two twenty-something friends in New York – but damn, they are hilarious. Their web episodes are still online, but I personally think the show’s funnier. I guarantee you’ll be hoooked from the first episode (if you’re into slightly crass humor, which I am. The second episode is called “Pussy Weed,” so…).

Trying to pick up dudes.  via

Trying to pick up dudes.

"My friend Abbi? Chocolate brown eyes, ass of an angel…" via

“My friend Abbi? Chocolate brown eyes, ass of an angel…”

Oh yeah, and Rafi and Badger show up in an ep.  via

Oh yeah, Rafi and Badger show up in an ep.

Thanks for reading! See y’all next time – A x


Little Mermaid Glitter!

I had another post scheduled but I’ve been busy the past few days, then my nails were all chipped and I didn’t really want to redo them. But anyway, today I have a fun combination that includes one of my all-time favorite glitters!

03-08-14 bottles

I do have a fair amount of indie polishes, but I haven’t bought any in more than a year because the indie polish business exploded and I simply can’t keep up. There are WAY too many options and if I’m not 1,000% percent sure I’ll love it I really can’t afford the higher price tags, so I’ve been completely abstaining. This little indie beauty, though, I saw swatched on a random blog about two years ago, and I immediately purchased it. How could I not? It’s totally the Little Mermaid herself in a bottle and I loved it from the first time I put it on!

03-08-14 curled around Ariel bottle

I usually layer this over either Zoya Zuza or Wednesday, because I think the faded aquas really complement Ariel while still allowing the colors to pop. But I decided to change it up today and use Lime Crime’s Lavendairy, one of my favorite purples. It’s got a fantastic formula (and is almost a one-coater! A one-coater pastel polish. Did I just blow your mind?!) and I love the warm, pink-toned lavender hue.

Quick pic of Lavendairy by itself. One of the few color-accurate photos I managed to get!

Quick pic of Lavendairy by itself. This polish was so hard to get a color-accurate photo of!

I thought this bright pastel would look great under the saturated purple, green, and red color scheme, and while the end look is a leeeeetle bit more girly than I prefer, I still really love it. The brush for Ariel is a little longer than I’m used to, with thin but long bristles, but I was able to move the glitter around easily to get even coverage.

Outdoor pic!

Outdoor pic! Sorry for my dry-ass cuticles.

I adore square glitter and love the combination of hex + square glitter even more, so this polish already had that in its favor. And not only has the essence of Ariel been perfectly captured in the red squares (hair), purple hexes (shells), and smaller green hexes (tail), but there’s a gorgeous fine green and white (flake?) shimmer that brings this glitter topper to another level of awesome.

Here's a close up to see that lovely shimmer.

Here’s a close up to see that lovely shimmer.

Perfect match!

Perfect match!

Ariel is still available, as are a bunch of other cool sea-inspired polishes by Sea Lore. I think the color combo is bright and fun even if you’re not a huge Disney fan. I must confess, as a kid I wasn’t a huge fan of Ariel – I mean, obvs I wanted her hair and pretended I was her in the pool, but I was always way more a fan of the Disney villains. Let’s be real, Disney princesses (and princes, for that matter – although I did always like cheeky Prince Philip) as a whole don’t have the most personality, but the villains are always so fun and deliciously evil, with great lines and catchy-ass songs about their eeeeeevil plots. Ursula has always been one of my top fav villains, of course (my #1 is Maleficent, and let’s not talk about that shit-tastic looking live-action movie, UGH). I mean:

Please teach me how to be that fabulous. via

Someone please teach me how to be this fabulous. via

Anyone else love Disney villains way more than the main characters? Any thoughts on this mani?

Thank you for reading! See you next time – A x

Neon On A Rainy Day

I’ve been so happy because it’s been lovely and cloudy and chilly and RAINY the past few days! An extra benefit of rain in LA is that everyone stays home/off the roads so the city is way less crowded than usual, making this a very successful weekend for getting my errands done and easily grabbing a seat at my favorite lunch spot.

Is there anything more divine than sipping a perfect cappuccino outside at a little bistro table while the rain pours down?

My view as I sipped a perfect cappuccino outside at a tiny bistro table. Heaven.

But I did spend a fair amount of time straight loafin’ on my couch, catching up on Hannibal and sipping hot tea while it poured outside. I’ve also been brainstorming a theme for March, since that’s a pattern I’ve gotten into and I really like it, because sometimes I get nervous that I won’t have anything interesting to post on here if I don’t have some kind of prompt, even if it’s pretty vague. I was uploading a few photos from the blog to Pinterest the other day and went back through my older manicures on there. I used to just post photos I took of my nails when I was sitting in traffic on the way to work or on my lunch break – if you want a giggle, there are some truly terrible photos in my “My Manicures” board from when I had a shitty old phone – and I kept saying to myself “Aw, I forgot I had that polish!” or “Whoa, it’s been forever since I wore that.” So my “theme” for this month is old favorites – basically me rummaging through my stash and pulling out some polishes I truly love but haven’t worn lately (or, you know, in like a year). So…get ready for some bright-ass colors, y’all.

My first March mani is one of my all-time favs, China Glaze’s Surfin’ For Boys. It’s from the 2012 summer neon collection – of which I own almost every single polish, because that collection was amazeballs – and normally corals aren’t my bag but DUDE this gorgeous color caught my attention from the first moment I saw it. It’s eye-searing coral with subtle pink shimmer, a great formula, and just looks good all year round, especially on your toesies in the summer!

I did these in a bit of a rush (as usual) so please forgive the not-totally-smooth top coat situation, I accidentally globbed too much on while adding the studs.

I did these in a bit of a rush (as usual) so please forgive the not-totally-smooth top coat situation, I accidentally globbed too much on while adding the studs.

I didn’t want to add a bunch of other polishes in the manicure because I wanted to soak in this faboosh color, but I thought some studs might be cool. I recently got a bunch of circular studs from Born Pretty Store, so I wanted to play around with those. I’ve only ever had square studs, and I actually had a bunch of really cool ideas for designs but…then I got lazy so I just did this:

03-02-14 diagonal pink shimmer2

I think it looks nice, though. Ugh I just love Surfin’ For Boys. I always get so many compliments when I wear this, because it’s something crazy lacquerheads and more conservative polish-wearers alike can get into. I’ve also given this polish away to so many people as presents, it’s seriously such a huge hit with everyone.

I managed to catch a bit of the pink shimmer here.

I managed to catch a bit of the pink shimmer here.

I’m so into this manicure – maybe it’s the circular studs, maybe it’s my new shorter nails, maybe it’s just the color, but I really love this. I’m kind of excited to dig out all these old favorite polishes this month. I feel like a lot of what I’ve put on this blog so far isn’t my normal thing – which is great, because I started this blog to get out of my comfort zone/laziness – but I’m ready to get back to some classic “me” polishes. I hope you enjoy seeing these, too! See you next time – A x

P.S. This is already kind of a long post, but I just quickly wanted to say that I reached ten followers! I really and truly appreciate every one of you for keeping up with my silly little blog, thank you so much!

(Late) Month of Untrieds: Glittah Gradient

Okay, I had this post ready to go yesterday but I ended up not being able to post it, so I’ll have my first March post up tomorrow and here is my Month of Untried finale!

I had two glitters in my untried pile and thought I’d attempt a gradient with them since they’re both supposed to be pretty opaque. I used:

03-01-14 bottles

I got Bit Faker in the recent Butter London sale, along with Poole (which frankly disappointed me – it looks VERY dusty, not at all like swatches I’ve seen online. Maybe I got a dud bottle?) which I also haven’t tried yet but I’ll save it for my next go of untrieds! Bit Faker is a lovely dark bronze glitter with a clear base. It’s definitely opaque, I bet two coats would be all you need. It’s got a lot of scratchy texture, though – I had to use a coat of Gelous and two coats of Seche Vite to smooth this puppy out. Also, please excuse the tip wear – there were some glitter pieces that were all jagged at the tip of my nail so I filed it a bit and only later realized it totally took all the glitter off :(

03-01-14 curled bottle

Essie Beyond Cozy was a huge hit when it came out, but I thought it was kind of boring. Of course, as my tastes have changed a lot in the last year so when I saw it at my favorite cheap polish supply store I threw it in my basket, and I’m glad I did. I don’t have another glitter like it – it’s a light, cool-toned champagne that looks silvery in certain lights.

03-01-14 diagonal

I painted one coat of Beyond Cozy over a coat of OPI’s Glitzerland, a light gold, and then I painted on Bit Faker to about halfway down my nail. After that dried, I did painted another coat of Beyond Cozy starting from the cuticle and lightly brushed it over where Bit Faker ended to shake a smooth gradient. Even though I did this really quickly, I think it turned out pretty well.

03-01-14 curled



This is my last post for my Month of Untrieds! I feel so much more organized now that I’ve finally gotten through so many untrieds and purged some polishes I didn’t need. I hope you guys liked these posts, I might do it again in the future. Thank you for reading! See you next time – A x