Roman Summer Nails

I haven’t had much time for super inventive manicures in the past week because I’ve been very busy with a few friends in town, and this weekend one of them threw an ancient Rome themed murder mystery party! Obvs I had to theme out my nails as well as my outfit, but I was a little stumped on what to do, plus I didn’t have much time. I ended up with this very simple look – I’m not quite sure it got the “Roman” theme across, but it did in a pinch! I knew I wanted to do something with matte gold – for some reason it seemed Roman to me (well, Roman nobility – I ain’t no pleb). I was originally going to stamp with a foliage-ish design I found because I thought it kind of looked like designs on I’ve seen in fabric worn on the late HBO show Rome (yes, I started rewatching it because of the party), but I liked the knot one I ended up with better.

Oh Antony, I miss you the most.  via

Oh Antony, I miss you the most.

I didn’t put a top coat on my left hand before adding my matte layer and the design smeared, but my right hand fared much better, as you can see. I’ve never used Good As Gold for anything but stamping, but it’s awesomely reflective on its own, and while it was plagued with some visible brush strokes, that’s par for the course with metallics and the matte top coat smoothed most of them out anyway.

04-15-14 Roman nails

My current mani is this fun, summer-y one! Everyone and their mother is at Coachella right now, and while I do find the constant coverage a bit annoying, I like how many people embrace super bright nail art for the festival. It got me itching for some neons, and I reached for three from China Glaze’s Sunsational collection.

Argh I realized I forgot to add Ginger Spice Latte to this photo! It's been featured a few times before on the blog, though.

Argh I realized I forgot to add Ginger Spice Latte to this photo! It’s been featured a few times before on the blog, though.

I forgot how fussy these hues are. Too Yacht To Handle (aqua) and That’s Shore Bright (purple) are normal two-coaters for me, but all the others I have from this collection take a little patience (and we all know how little of that I have!). I needed four coats of Neon & On & On for my pointer, pinkie, and thumb, and even so there were still streaky areas. I think in the future I’ll try more to do the “three-stroke” method for each layer, as well as waiting longer between coats and doing thinner coats – I was painting my nails while watching TV, as I often do, so I wasn’t paying much attention to how much I was globbing on, which might’ve been the problem because I think this was only three coats last time I used it.

04-15-14 curled under 2

On my middle and ring fingers I did two thin coats of N&O&O then sponged a gradient of Son Of A Peach, N&O&O, and You Drive Me Coconuts. I think I should’ve done a heavier coat of N&O&O on the sponge – I thought since it was the base color it would come through more but it gets a little lost. I do love how these three blend together, though! I added a coat of Ginger Spice Latte, one of my fav glitter toppers, to add a little bling.

I think this is a slightly more color-accurate photo go N&O&O, the photo before this was a smudge too pink.

I think this is a slightly more color-accurate photo of N&O&O, the photo before this was a smidge too pink.

I was going to stamp on my pointer, pinkie, and thumb, but I kind of liked how they looked plain with my super crazy middle fingers so I left ’em. I’m surprised that this has lasted about three days since the polish is on so thick, but I do have a few tiny chips. Even though the formula on these neons is obnoxious, I do love the colors. China Glaze makes the best neons, hands down. The 2012 neons? Ugh SO GOOD, even the formulas were amazing. Now I’m thinking that a neon rainbow of China Glazes would be awesome. Maybe I’ll give it a shot later this summer…

04-15-14 curled

This weekend I met up with some friends at the LA Times Festival of Books, and it was really fun! Like a dummy I didn’t look at everyone single author going, so I missed that both John Green and Veronica Roth were going to speak, and there were no tickets left by the time I found out. But my sister and I did get to see Rachel Zoe’s talk, and it was actually pretty good. Did you know she was a psychology and sociology major in college? But when she realized that field meant many more years of school and she was like “screw that” and switched to fashion. She was friends with the moderator and they were both very charming. During the Q&A portion there were the usual questions (“How did you get to where you are today?”, “What advice do you have for aspiring stylists?” [which was asked twice in a row, Jesus, listen people]) but a few fun ones like an awesome older gentleman asking “How high are your heels and who makes them?” We also managed to see a little of Alicia Silverstone’s talk and LaVar Burton doing a Reading Rainbow live at the children’s section. (My sister asked what Reading Rainbow was, further reminding me how old I am.)

The book fest was held at the USC campus, where we’d been before (tailgating, heyohhhhh) so it was easy to find and all the areas were pretty clearly marked. There were lots of interesting booths of indie/niche publishers and artists, book sellers, a Penguin book bus, music, and cool exhibits. We got some free swag, signed up to win tickets for the opera, and just generally had a lovely day strolling around in the pretty weather. Next year I’m definitely reading through the whole listing to see who’s going and getting my tickets early, but even if you don’t see people speak, it’s a free event that you could easily spend a whole day at, so if you’re in LA in April I highly recommend going!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted as much lately – I’ve been super busy, but I’m going to try and do better the rest of the month. Thank you so much for reading, and I’ll see you next time – A x