Once Upon A Dream…

I was oddly craving a darker, very saturated color the other day – I was watching something where a character had fantastic burgundy nails, which are not usually me, but something about it clicked. I wanted to use my new Love.Angel.Music.Baby, too, though, and I thought burgundy and gold would look very Christmas/holiday together so I chose Zoya’s Dream instead. Of course once I had those two on my nails, I realized that they were Chanukah colors. Oy vey.

05-14-14 bottles

I wore just L.A.M.B on my thumb and pinkie and Dream on my other fingers by themselves for a day or so, but then I got bored and attempted a striping tape look I’ve seen on The Nailsaurus.

On my nails Dream kept photographing more denim but it's really a brighter, more royal blue in person.

On my nails Dream kept photographing more denim but it’s really a brighter, more royal blue in person.

I haven’t used my striping tape in a long time and I forgot how frustrating it is sometimes, but after taking way too long fussing with my first nail, I got the hang of it. The hardest part is getting each nail to be uniform, which I failed at a bit (plus one piece of tape was weirdly thick and I didn’t notice until after painting, of course) but I still love this look.

05-14-14 diagonal

I’ve had my eye on L.A.M.B. for a while, but kept passing it up until I found it on sale for $4 at Ulta and decided it was a sign. I used to hate mattes but I’ve grown quite fond of the very few I have, and this one had a great formula – slightly thick but almost perfect in one coat, but I did two to cover up some weird texture from my getting-too-old base coat. I forgot how quickly mattes chip, though, which is kind of a bummer.

I mentioned how much I love Zoya’s Payton in my Zoya haul a few posts ago, and I love Dream even more (although Aurora is my #1 fav of that finish). It’s lovely enough indoors – a deep, saturated “space blue,” according to Zoya – but in bright light it’s jaw-dropping! The blue brightens a bit to a fabulous royal, the holo flecks come alive, and anyone who is gazing upon this beauty starts drooling. If I did a favorite Zoyas post, I would absolutely have Dream on there – I really think that everyone needs it, it’s just too gorgeous. It looks like a sex-ay galaxy on your nails!

As always, a blurred-for-maximum-sparkle .gif!

As always, a blurred-for-maximum-sparkle .gif!

Speaking of Dream…I’m tired of seeing promos for the new Maleficient movie – I think it’ll be terrible, like when they tried their live-action Alice in Wonderland a few years ago – but I love Lana Del Rey’s version of “Once Upon A Dream.” It’s perfectly eerie and haunting, and I only wish the movie would match the song. Annnnd now I want to watch Sleeping Beauty because Maleficient is da best.

Any thoughts on this mani or the soon-to-be-released movie? I need people to rant with!

Thank you for reading! See you next time!


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