She’s So Evil…and She’s Only in High School!

I recently received some nail mail from the awesome Rach at Stuff I S(w)atched that included my first Funky Fingers polishes! I decided to use the two most popular ones in my manicure today.

05-20-14 bottle

Jawbreaker really does look like candy, doesn’t it? And of course, the name reminds me of the movie, although I can never quite tell if I like it or not. Jawbreaker was weird as shit – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, many ’90s movies I love were weird – and often it was cringe-worthy but did have its funny moments… I don’t know, man. I guess I’ll just respect it for being a crazeballs movie that could never have been made today.

Anyway, I was really surprised with how easy Jawbreaker was! I usually get a little frustrated with milky glitters because they take more effort than I prefer to get on properly and feel really thick, but Jawbreaker was super easy to maneuver. It was also probably good in two because I used slightly thicker coats, but I did three just to make sure it looked okay on camera.

05-20-14 diagonal

05-20-14 around bottle

I did a little accent nail with Sweet Hook as the base and a terrible glitter fade with Sand & Stilettos, a fantastic lavender holo glitter. I was also super excited when I took a macro and discovered the glitter pieces are SQUARES. I love square glitter, y’all!

05-20-14 macro purple

Sorry for the lack of posting, I did do one other manicure recently but I wasn’t really feeling it. I’ll try to have another post up by the end of this week, though!

Anyone out there a fan of jawbreakers, Jawbreaker, or Jawbreaker? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading! See you next time – A x


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