Month of Summer Nail Art!

Hi everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in so long, I got a little busy, but I have something fun planned for June! If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, chances are you’ve seen me bitching about the heat… If I could find a place where the temperature never went about 75, humidity didn’t exist, and crisp autumn weather went on for half of the year, I would move there in a heartbeat. But until then, I have to deal with my least favorite season, so in an attempt to combat my heat-related grouchiness, I decided to make June a month of summer-themed nail art! I’m going to try a few techniques I’ve never attempted before and brush up on some dormant creative skillz in the process. I have most of the looks planned out and I’m pretty excited about them, and hopefully I will concentrate on this fun nail art project and not the temperature inching higher and higher.

I actually attempted a red gingham look for the first manicure of the month, but it turned out hilariously terrible. I started over from scratch and I like this look a lot better, anyway – plus I only needed two polishes:

06-03-14 bottles

The “shark bite manicure” was done for The Blonds’ runway a few seasons ago, and I’ve always wanted to try it out because it seemed pretty fun and – more importantly for my lazy self – easy. A shark-themed look also fit in with this month’s prompt, since Jaws is the definitive summer blockbuster, after all!

First I did two thick coats of Snow Me White, added top coat, and ended up wearing just white nails for a day because I kinda liked it, but if you’re trying this out yourself, let your top coat dry for at least an hour before you attempt the tape step – it’s the worst when you remove the tape and all of the polish comes off your nail with it. Next, I cut jagged angles that slightly curved inward into some tape pieces, and applied them jagged side in on the same side of each nail.

My first attempt at a tutorial!

My first attempt at a tutorial.

My third step was quickly but carefully painting one thick coat of Baker Street, making sure it was fully opaque so no white showed through. Then I immediately removed the tape and waited probably fifteen minutes before adding top coat, as I’m always afraid of smearing. Finally, I did my clean up, as you can see below!

06-03-14 around bottle

I really love the final result! After my gingham fail I was so disappointed and annoyed that I seriously considered scrapping my whole plan for this month, but after all, I did start this blog to try new techniques and designs, so some failure is par for the course. This fun look more than made up for it, though!

I did a claw to be more ferocious but I guess it doesn't really work when you're trying to evoke a shark, does it?

I did a claw to be more ferocious but I guess it doesn’t really work when you’re trying to evoke a shark, does it?

Any thoughts on this mani? Have any of you tried this out yourself? I’d love to hear about it!

Not sure which idea I’m gonna try next, I guess it depends how ambitious I’m feeling, but I definitely have some fun, bright looks planned. Thank you so much for reading! See you next time – A x


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