Island In The Sun

Damn, y’ll. I had no idea the theme I’d chosen for this month would be so hard! Well, I guess I did say I wanted a challenge…

For my second manicure in my summer nail art challenge, I chose a classic summer look I’ve actually never tried before.

Nox Crush, OPI A Roll In The Hauge (ARITH), Zoya Arizona, L.A. Colors Black Striper

Nox Crush, OPI A Roll In The Hauge (ARITH), Zoya Arizona, L.A. Colors Black Striper, Make It Stick Designs palm tree decals

First, I painted two coats of Arizona – which I love but man, what an annoying, streaky-ass formula! – and let that dry. Next I wet and squeezed out my makeup wedge, and painted on Arizona, ARITH, and Crush with the colors slightly overlapping. I had to sponge it on quite a few times, since Arizona kept smearing off at the top and Crush kept blending too much into ARITH while Arizona and ARITH wouldn’t blend as seamlessly as I like…bah. It looked super bumpy when I was done from the amount of times I had to go over it, but one coat of Seche Vite smoothed everything out.

06-05-14 with bottles

I added a palm tree decal to my ring finger and tried to paint on little birds on my middle with an ancient striper polish I remembered I had. There was some little fuzz or something stuck to the tip of the brush so my birds have little tails (I think they look more like pterodactyls than seagulls ha!). I have an even greater respect now for ladies who freehand paint crazy designs on their paws – I could barely even pull this super simple drawing off. I’m not even going to talk about how my right hand turned out…

06-05-14 down

I found out I have barely any beachy designs in my whole stamp collection, and the few I do have were kind of cheesy/lame. I almost added some black-and-white glitter to my pointer and pinkie because they looked a bit bare, but I’m glad now that I left it – it sort of looks like sunset on the beach of a deserted, remote island somewhere. I also realized while doing this that I really need to try HK Girl Glisten and Glow or whatever it’s called. I love Seche, but I am so, so tired of it getting thick and goopy before I’m even halfway through a bottle, plus lately it’s been smearing even though I make sure my polish is dry? Sorry, Seche-y – you were my first love, but I need to see what else is out there for me…

06-05-14 curled

This didn’t turn out quite as well as I’d hoped, but gradients are always fun, aren’t they? Looking at this makes me want to hightail it to the beach… Thanks for reading, everyone! See you next time!


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