Strawberries On My Fingers

Continuing my summer nail art month with this super cute look:

Color So Hot It Berns, Running In Circles, Happy Go Lucky

Color So Hot It Berns (CSHIB), Running In Circles, Happy Go Lucky

I did two coats of CSHIB and when it dried, I did little slightly elongated dots with Happy Go Lucky. This mani made me realize I really need to get some teeny tiny brushes for detailing – I used my smallest dotting tool for these dots and they were still too big for my liking. Oh well. I applied a coat of Seche and after waiting about an hour, I cut some tape pieces in little jagged shapes (sort of like my shark bite look but thicker), applied them to my nails, and quickly painted two coats of Running In Circles.

Please excuse my janky tips - my Seche Vite is at the halfway point, which means it's gotten way too thick/gloppy and it's started shrinking my tips. Sigh.

Please excuse my janky tips – my Seche Vite is at the halfway point, which means it’s gotten way too thick/gloppy and it’s started shrinking my tips. Sigh.

I’ve done this strawberry look before and I always manage to nick it because the greens I use for the top take foreverrrr to dry since I have to quickly apply a second coat on top of the first without waiting for it to dry – you can’t let the tape sit very long once you’ve painted over it because it dries on top of the tape so the tape will tear off the polish underneath. I’ve tried this look twice before with Orly’s Fresh and managed to ding it each time. This go ’round I did ding a nail but I kind of smoothed it back out, which I count as a victory. I also did yellow for the seeds this time – usually I do black, but last time I did that people asked if they were watermelons :/

06-10-14 diagonal

I think I’d like these better if the “seeds” could be smaller – they look kind of cartoony here – and I just now thought of using a darker red instead of the yellow, which I’m not crazy about. Why didn’t I think of that earlierrrrrr? Whatever, these are so freaking cute, I’ve gotten quite a few compliments on them, and they definitely fit the summer theme!

06-10-14 thumb

So yesterday LACMA had its second annual live commentary screening event where they screen a film and have the director, writer, and/or actors there with microphones to give anecdotes, facts, and general commentary on the movie (like the ones on the DVD). This year’s pick was Napoleon Dynamite, which is celebrating it tenth anniversary.

06-10-14 title

I feel so freaking old! I remember when this movie came out – it was the summer before I began college and I was working at a multiplex. Napoleon Dynamite screened daily to nearly empty theaters, but I thought it was the funniest thing I’d ever seen and ended up dragging friends to see it on three separate occasions that summer. I was a film student in college and it’s funny to remember how much I used to truly love movies like this (whereas now I rarely watch movies and haven’t bought one for probably five or six years. I’m all about the TV now). I have ND on DVD, but I haven’t watched it in years and I was surprised how well it actually held up – still a weird little flick, but funny. The director Jared Hess, star Jon Heder, and Will Forte (no idea why) gave commentary although they didn’t even talk that much, but I enjoyed the little behind-the-scens tidbits.

I was surprised how much of the film is made up from Jared Hess’ real-life experiences. The scene where the old farmer shoots a cow just as a school bus of children rolls up to see? That actually happened to the director’s brother (“That’s farm life, you guys,” he laughed). Also, a friend of his growing up really bought a “time machine” – for $800 from a guy in Florida (of course it was Florida) – like Kip and Uncle Rico do in the film, and later that kid also bought a “wish machine.” When Napoleon calls Kip and asks him to bring his Chapstick was taken from Jared’s younger brother actually calling Jared to bring him Chapstick at school.

Except for the unicorns, all the drawings of Napoleon’s in the film were drawn by Jon Heder. They also had to fly in a hand model for the opening credits because someone at Fox Searchlight thought Jon had a gross hangnail on one of his fingers, so half the hands are Jon’s and half are a much tanner models (Jon added that it was super awkward having to be there with the model and direct him how to move the plates). Tina the llama was Jared Hess’ mom’s llama in real life (named Dolly), and Jon said the line he gets quoted at him the most is “Tina you fat lard, come get some dinner!” Oh, and when Jared moved to Idaho, his school required everyone to join a club but the only one left was the sign language club, which was the inspiration for the “Happy Hands” club.

From left: Diedrich Bader (Sensi Rex), Shondrella Avery (Lafawnduh), Jon Heder (Napoleon), Carmen Brady (Starla), Efren Ramirez (Pedro), Sandy Martin (Grandma aka Mac's mom), director Jared Hess.

From left: Diedrich Bader (Sensi Rex), Shondrella Avery (Lafawnduh), Jon Heder (Napoleon), Carmen Brady (Starla), Efren Ramirez (Pedro), Sandy Martin (Grandma aka Mac’s mom), director Jared Hess.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I highly encourage you to do a little strawberry nail action yourself – they’re a real crowd pleaser, and they’re adorable for summer. I’d love to see your version if you do! Thank you for reading, see you next time – A x

3 thoughts on “Strawberries On My Fingers

  1. DEAD. One of my friends looked and sounded a LOT like Napoleon Dynamite (every time he said, “Tina, come get some ham,” I would die laughing) … I think I even had him saved in my phone under that name. Anyway, I could never figure out when this movie was supposed to take place, and it bugged the hell out of me! Like, so much of it was SO ’80s, and yet here was Summer dancing to BSB’s “Larger Than Life”! OMGGGGGG.

    • Dude, I had SO MANY QUESTIONS I wanted the director to discuss and he barely said a thing. I wanted to know what the thought process was behind the confusing clothing/time period thing, how they casted people, who suggested “Canned Heat” for the finale dance…? I wish they’d let people write in questions or something!

      I’d totally forgotten about that BSB song and I was dying in the theater.

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