Nail Quickies: International Indies

Hi all! My life has been a little hectic lately so I haven’t had as much time as I would like to devote to this little blog – or to consistently doing my nails at all, it pains me to say – so I’ve decided to start “nail quickies,” brief posts with recent manis for when I’m short on time. They’ll be for when I don’t have time to do anything too intricate with my nails, so they won’t require much description/discussion. Recently I haven’t been posting most of my manis because they’ve mostly been of the “I need to slap a replacement over my current chipped color” and not anything too fun or unique, but this way I’ll still be able to post something even if it’s short! So here’s today’s combo:

07-15-14 bottles

Saint George is truly gorge, and one of the first indie/more pricey polishes I bought way back when I first started to really collect nail polish. It’s one every polish lover needs in their arsenal – it’s a one coater, has that lovely a-England trademark scattered holo, and is the most fantastic deep teal. Ughhhh I love this color so much! I’m glad I chose Saint George to pair with this neon pink than the mint I was originally going to use, it looks so much richer.

07-15-14 diagonal

The Pink One is another indie from abroad! I got TPO and Daphne’s Birthday party, a fun glitter topper, sometime last year, I think, after I saw TPO on Stuff I Swatched. If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time you’ll know I’m not generally a pink person, but this one is special – not only is this fabulous neon pink opaque in two coats (!) but the branding for Pretty Serious is just awesome. I’m a sucker for packaging – it doesn’t always make me buy a product, but I definitely take notice when a brand puts the time in to create something that’s fun and completely reflects their brand, and Pretty Serious did an amazing job.

I love Daphne, the Pretty Serious mascot there on the side of the box. Their illustrator is so awesome, all the art on their site is so great!

I love Daphne, their mascot there on the side of the box. Their illustrator is so great!

I did the design on my middle two fingers with striping tape and UGH. Sometimes striping tape is just such a struggle for me! You can see the actual design turned out pretty well on my middle finger, but wouldn’t adhere securely enough to prevent some of Saint George seeping under the tape. Then over on my ring I lost the end of the tape so I had to sort of cut into it again to make another one, and that makes a thicker piece, and it wouldn’t lay as nice as the pieces on my middle finger and blerggggg. I haaaaate when things can’t be perfectly uniform (unless that’s the look I’m going for, obvs)! I like this design, though – simple and not too time-consuming, tape issues notwithstanding. I think I need to rig up something like this with my striping tape, but that would mean rounding up all the random spools scattered around my apartment….

Here's the one photo I captured outside before clouds rolled in - you can see how sparkly Saint George's tiny holo particles are and that gorgeous shimmer in TPO!

Here’s the one photo I captured outside before clouds rolled in – you can see how sparkly Saint George’s tiny holo particles are and that gorgeous shimmer in TPO!

Lately there’s been a sales at drugstores in my area, so I managed to pick up four of the new Sally Hansen Color Foils, plus I’ve got shipments en route from Zoya and I Love Nail Polish, so I should have some slightly more interesting stuff coming up soon! I’m also thinking of maybe doing a “favorites” month in August because I love making lists – would anyone be interested in that? Let me know in the comments if you are! Thanks for reading, see you next time – A x


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