Green Ombre Party!

I’m really into greens lately and couldn’t resist using a few of them together, resulting in this green explosionnnnnn.

07-21-14 bottles

I wore just Highlight of My Summer (HOMS) by itself for a day or so because it’s the best mint evaaaaa – so fantastically bright, and usually the formula is obnoxious but somehow this time I only needed two coats. Turns out, HOMS is the exact color I just painted my nightstand, too! I guess I’m on a bright mint kick…

Sorry about my cuticles - they're a little dry and I kinda messed up my clean up a bit :/

Sorry about my cuticles – they’re a little dry and I kinda messed up my clean up a bit :/

I painted The Real Teal (which looks super blue next to the mint) and HOMS on a wrung-out makeup wedge and sort of rolled it on my nails, then dabbed a bit up and down to make sure the middle looked like a smooth gradation. After that dried, I carefully applied one coat of Emerald Dew Drops (EDD). I’ve extolled the virtues of ILNP’s glitters before, but ughhhh they’re so good, y’all! I think Barbra, sold off the remaining glitter polishes during her last sale (when I scooped up EDD plus three holos) and I understand that she’s found her niche as a holo/multichrome creator now, but I do hope that she eventually makes glitter again. I just love her combinations, they’re so unique and lovely!

EDD is comprised of solid and translucent white hexes and bars, teal squares and shards, smaller green hexes, and holo micro glitter. I love itttttt – even with the bar glitter, which is not usually my jam – and think it’ll look fab over an array of colors. The formula is fantastic for a glitter, it’s not hard to move pieces around on the nail and you get a good amount of glitter with each swipe. I used two coats of NYC’s In A New York Minute to smooth it out because my Seche is all dried up, but EDD isn’t too bumpy so it feels fine.

07-21-14 diagonal

I got a ton of compliments on this combo! With the neon mint and sparkly glitter, it’s a real eye-catcher – I had people at work grab my hand to get a better look ha. It’s held up very well, too and I think I’ll wear it until I get a chip. I hope you enjoyed this post, see ya next time! – A x

8 thoughts on “Green Ombre Party!

  1. This is so pretty! I’ve never done an ombre before because I’m all-around terrible at all the nail art techniques I’ve tried beyond the saran wrap thing, but it seems like it might not require toooooo much finesse and it looks SO GOOD.

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