Kicking Off Favorites Month

Soooo I have been spotty with posting lately, and I’m really sorry about that! I was trying to think of short but interesting posts I could do and I thought it might be fun to compile lists of my favorite polishes – I know that I love reading what other bloggers’ top polishes and products are, and hopefully you all will enjoy reading mine!

I must say, this is no small feat – I am hopelessly indecisive in all area of life – but I finally narrowed my choices down! I’m going to break them up into categories by color with 10 polishes in each category. These are my absolute, 100%, can’t-live-without-them favorite shades. The lists are interesting because you can see what shade of each color I gravitate towards, or how certain brands create colors I can’t get enough of (China Glaze and their greens!).

Today’s post will be warm tones – the “Roy” of “Roy G. Biv” – because I don’t have 10 individual favorites of red, orange, and yellow. (I also threw coral in this group.) So here they are, my top ten favorite warm-toned hues:

08-05-14 bottles1

Knees Up: Glowy metallic red gorgeousness! This is like Christmas wrapping paper on your nails.
Velvet Bow: This lush, sexy, and super shiny burgundy creme will make even the most non-traditional polish fan drool.
Glitter Goblin: China Glaze makes the best micro glitters and this one is sparkly as all get out. I adore the mix of holo and deep orange glitters, and of course the name!
Jinx : A slightly coral-leaning saturated orange texture with gold shimmer – I love OPI’s textures, and this is one of the best!
Surfin’ For Boys: I’m not usually a coral girl, but something about SFB’s neon coral with pink shimmer entrances me (not to mention gets compliments every time I wear it!).

08-05-14 bottles2

Son Of A Peach: Neon peach, do I need to say more? The formula is tough, but the color is definitely worth it.
East Austin: A more pink-leaning peach than SOAP, but with just as bright (and difficult) of a formula.
Lava Lamp: Insanely neon saturated orange – in low lighting this baby appears to glow, it’s so neon!
Sunkissed: It always pulls a bit too sunshine yellow on camera, and true, it isn’t the most neon-y neon, but the formula is so easy, the shimmer is beautiful, and I can’t resist neon yellow!
Solange: Golden-yellow textured perfection…I really can’t say it often enough – you need this shade!

I’ve used every polish here on the blog in the past year, some more than once. You can see I gravitate towards bright/neon hues, but I do love the glamour of Knees Up’s metallic red and Velvet Bow’s wine vampiness. I did a quick ombre look with a few of these colors because I was running out of time, but it actually worked out pretty well! Definitely an eye-catching look.

08-05-14 curled

Here’s a pic where it looks like I’m dead, but it showed the neon pop of these fabulous colors nicely.

Oh, did you not know that I was a zombie?

Oh, did you not know that I was a zombie?

Next time will be greeeeeeeeeeeens, so get excited! Thank you for reading, see you next time – A x


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