Favorites Month: Greens

So you know how in my last favorites post I combined all the warm colors into one list? Well, this list is restricted to just greens, but I had a WAY tougher time choosing! If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know how much I love green, and it was hell trying to narrow them down. Notice how many China Glaze polishes there are – besides neons, CG makes the most amazing greens! There were so many that came thisclose to being included on this list, like Winter Holly, Holly Day, and Holly Jolly (okay, their great greens are mostly from holiday collections). In fact, I feel like there’s a serious lack of darker greens on the list as I look at it now, but I can’t bear to replace any of the below polishes so I’m leaving the list as is! Here are my painstakingly chosen top ten favorites:

08-12-14 bottles1

Def Defying: These kind of chartreuse-y colors are very divisive, but I love them (they’re yellow-toned greens, of course I love them!). Def Defying has a great formula and is just such a fun, eye-catching hue.

Fresh: This bright slime-y, lime-y green always gets compliments when I wear it and it’s such a great color, no wonder I love it so much. THe purple and blue from this collection are awesome, too!

I’m With The Lifeguard: An eye-searing neon slime green with pretty shimmer – what’s not to love? It’s opaque in 2-3 coats and the shimmer does tend to settle at the bottom but I kinda like it without shimmer since it makes the neon even brighter.

Posh: UGH FABULOUS. You can see how much of the bottle is gone – when you have as many polishes as I do, that’s a LOT of use! The formula is great (it’s a one-coater if you’re careful) and it’s just a perfect, true Crayola green.

Four Leaf Clover: One of the few blue-leaning polishes on this list. This is actually a recent addition even though it’s an older CG polish, but the formula is fantastic and the bright hue always makes me happy.

08-12-14 bottles2

Highlight Of My Summer: (I did this late at night and was too tired to do it again when I saw I’d used the wrong bottle. Here’s a link to another bottle photo with it, though.) Like many of the other colors from the Sunsational collection, HOMS is a bit difficult to apply and is quite streaky, but damnnnnnn, it is such an amazing shade of bright mint that I don’t really care.

Running In Circles: The most breathtaking medium green glass fleck. Seriously, if you are at all into green, you need this polish. It’s so sparkly, the color is to die for, and it just glows on the nail!

Reclaim: Nowadays there’s a million indie shops making holos in every color, but just a few years ago holos – especially in a more saturated color like this – were incredibly rare, and I was lucky to grab this one. Actually, this kind of smooth, linear holo (without sparkle) is still kind of rare, and makes Reclaim even more unique!

Dragon: I only own two a-England polishes, and they were some of the first (if not the first) indie polishes I ever bought when I first started collecting nail polish, setting the bar pretty high! Dragon is so unique and really does capture the feel of a dragon with its mossy green base and golden/olive shimmer plus the trademark a-England sparkly scattered holo. As if the color isn’t enough to recommend this polish, it’s also a one-coater!

Glittering Garland: This colorrrrrr, I can’t even deal with it. It’s perfect for holidays (fitting, since it’s from the 2011 holiday collection) but this deep green with lighter green micro glitter combination is so gorgeous that it looks chic any time of the year. Classy perfection.

For my mani, I wanted to use a polish I haven’t used in a while, so I chose Fresh. As I have mentioned a billion times before, I loooove bright yellow-toned greens, they feel so fun and, well, fresh! (Fresh is actually really close to China Glaze’s Gaga for Green from the 2012 Electropop collection.) Its formula has a super weird consistency, though – sort of a creme-jelly hybrid but…weirder. It’s such a fantastic color that I didn’t want to do too much to it, but I added a little color block of Four Leaf Clover, which looked practically blue next to Fresh. I really like this style for a simple and quick mani.

Ahhh sorry about my cuticles! Can you tell I did this post in a hurry? Next time will be better, promise!

Ahhh sorry about my cuticles! Can you tell I did this post in a hurry? Next time will be better, promise!

Thank you for reading! Do you see any of your own favorites on my list? Let me know in the comments!

I’ll be back next time with my top ten blues, see you then! – A x


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