Favorites Month: Blues

I don’t think I’ve worn very many blues lately, but they’re my favorite tied with greens. This was another category that was difficult to narrow down, but I finally did it:

08-16-14 bottles1

Wednesday: in the same collection as Zuza, Wednesday is what Zuza would look like if the base color was more faded and didn’t have shimmer. That might sound boring, but it’s a lovely soft – yet not boringly pastel – hue that reminds me of sea glass.

Aquadelic: I alllllmost included Too Yacht To Handle – which is like Aquadelic’s neon sister – here, but I had Aquadelic for years before TYTH came out and I’ll always have a soft spot for this happy turquoise polish. It’s my go-to color when I don’t know what to wear, and you can see from how much is gone that it’s one of my most-used polishes.

Zuza: I fell HARD for most of the colors in Zoya’s Beach and Surf collection, and Zuza might be my favorite. It’s a lovely silvery shimmer in a beautiful aqua base with an easy formula…what more is there to say?

DV8: I’m lucky to own two polishes from the coveted China Glaze OMG Collection, but this is definitely my favorite. It’s got a gorgeous, smooth linear holo flare, and the teal is so freaking pretty even when the holo isn’t visible.

Ozotic Pro 505: Lots of indie brands make similar multichromes today, but a few years ago Ozotic Pro, an Australian company, made a mint off nail addicts around the world snatching up these pricey but magical polishes. One thin coat layered over black makes this polish come alive, and I always spend the rest of the day shifting my hand this way and that, marveling at the fantastical color shift from turquoise to blue to purple to red.

08-16-14 bottles2

Electric Beat: I used to be vehemently opposed to periwinkles for some reason, but when I saw EB, something clicked and I had to have it! It’s not bright but not too soft, either; the perfect middle-ground for a fun, everyday polish.

Baker Street: A year or two ago I popped into Sephora to pick up Baker Street – the famous bright, perfect cobalt blue – and found a bunch of bottles with fun rhinestone caps on sale. Obvs I bought a few for myself and friends, and it’s remained one of my favorite polishes because of the color and the bottle (oh and its one-coat formula).

Get Your Number: Aw, the first texture I ever bought! I usually layer this instead of putting it on alone since it’s a bit sheer, but ohhhh do I love this medium blue with holo sparkle! It looks like crushed gems on your nail.

Dream: A more recent purchase and I still can’t get over how gorgeous this one is – thousands of irregularly shaped holo flecks flashing against the royal blue base turn me into a human version of the heart eyes emoticon.

Rodeo Fanatic: This deep, metallic peacock blue looks like rich satin in a bottle. Everyone raves about Wagon Trail or Cowgirl Up but this is my favvvv from the Rodeo Diva collection! It’s got that old-school thin formula, but it covers well in two coats and is chic, dreamy perfection.

I wanted to do a little mani playing with textures, so I did a base coat of Wednesday, and once that dried I cut tape into angled pieces and painted Get Your Number on the top and DV8 on the bottom. I painted DV8 on a bit thickly so it kinda messed up on my pointer finger, but overall I’m pleased with how this came out!

Outdoor pic to capture the holo flare of DV8!

Outdoor pic to capture the holo flare of DV8!

See any of your favs on my list? Let me know in the comments! Thank you so much for reading, and I’ll be back next time with my top ten purples. See you then – A x