Favorites Month: Purples

I haven’t been super into purples lately, but when I was putting together my all-time top ten list, I remembered how much I love them, and it was actually quite hard to narrow them down!

08-22-14 bottles1
Sweet Hook: Dainty light purple with a dreamy formula. Since getting this I’ve barely touched my old bottle of Rumple’s Wiggin since I discovered I much prefer pink-leaning lavenders!

Lavendairy: One of only two Lime Crime polishes that I own, I adore this bright lavender. The formula is a bit thick but that means it’s practically a one-coater, which is cray for a light color. I love using this as a base for glitter toppers (as seen with my Ariel polish).

That’s Shore Bright: TSB and Too Yacht To Handle are the only polishes from China Glaze’s Sunsational collection that don’t have completely terrible formulas, which is good, because I use them both so much! I have no idea what to call this color – in some lights it looks like a light magenta because of all the pink tones, but mostly it looks like a bright lilac, I guess? Whatever you call it, it’s amazeballs.

Dream On: This is my second bottle because my first one from aaaaaaages ago changed color and darkened, but this guy is still chugging along. It’s definitely neon and is guaranteed to get you lots of compliments when you wear it!

Ultraviolet: Awwwww my bottle of this has changed color, too! It used to be a light neon purple (can you have a light neon?) but now it’s kind of a pinky-berry color. :( It’s still got that great, bright blue flash, though – maybe I’ll be able to find another bottle, because this color was awesome (if a bit sheer).

08-22-14 botles2
Burgundy Orchid: I totally remember these multi chrome Sally Hansen polishes from when I was a kid (I also had some of these holos, if I’d only known…), and when I began collecting in ernest a few years ago, multi chromes were still few and far between (and pricey), but I found this guy on eBay for a about $7. I wasn’t sure if it would be worth it until I actually had it in my hands, and then I couldn’t believe I’d gotten it for so cheap! It’s absolutely breathtaking – the main color is a lovely deep purple, then as you shift your hand it changes to an orchid purple, a reddish berry, and a sunset-y orange. So, so beautiful – I had a hard time capturing it but this picture shows it off perfectly.

Mimi: Gorgeous warm-toned royal purple shimmer. This color is perfection, and is one of the ones friends reach for the most often when they come over to do their nails!

Funky Dunkey: Terrible name but great color! One of the first polishes I got when I first started seriously collecting (along with three others from the Shrek collection, the only one I can remember from OPI that didn’t have a red or pink!), this true purple creme has a great formula and is just so lovely.

Eternal Beauty: All the Color Club Halo Hues are great, but this grape purple is especially stunning. The color is vibrant and the holo flare is out of control. Love!

Let’s Talk: I can’t believe this photographed so well! Usually it comes out super blue, but this is pretty accurate – a deep, vivid purple with a hint of pearl or metallic, maybe? Not brushstroke-y, thankfully, although it does need three coats, but that’s a fine tradeoff for this lovely color!

I really wanted to do some stamping, so I pulled out my fav design (Winstonia plate W111) and stamped Eternal Beauty over Sweet Hook. I loooove the results! Not too flashy but not too girly, either, although this bad boy is pretty blingy in the sun with that fantastic holo. It was hard to capture, of course, but I tried:

08-22-14 angled

The holo is much more noticeable in person.

08-22-14 curled

Thanks for reading! See any of your favorites on my list? Let me know in the comments! See you next time with my top favorite pinks! Laterz – A x