Favorites Month: Pinks

I don’t have that many pinks in my stash, but I was surprised at how many different kinds of pinks I actually had. I am not usually a pink fan, but once in a while there’s nothing better than a nice pop of pink – especially if it’s neon!

08-24-14 bottles1
Shelby: I remember being confused with myself when I added this polish to my cart, but I’m glad I got it – sometimes you need a nice, light pink, and this one definitely fits the bill.

Bottoms Up: A fantastic cool-toned bubblegum pink neon. Talk about Barbie pink! It’s definitely streaky, but I’m okay doing three careful coats for this fun hue.

You Drive Me Coconuts: Another cool-toned neon pink, but darker. This is from the same collection as Bottoms Up but the formula is a dream – it’s technically a jelly but it’s opaque in two easy coats. My go-to neon pink!

Warhol: Similar to YDMC but more warm-toned. China Glaze is known as the brand with the best neons, but I gotta say, Color Club has a lot of great ones, too – this one and Lava Lamp are two-coat neons, which is difficult to find!

Love’s A Beach: I usually prefer my neons to be cremes, but the shimmer in LAB gives it a little something extra, in addition to a buttery formula. But then, basically every polish from this collection (China Glaze’s 2012 neons) is great!

08-24-14 bottles2
Disco Biscuit: This guy is super sheer – I usually layer it over another polish – but I looooooove the blue/purple glitter in this hot pink jelly base. It’s so sparkly and gorgeous.

I Lily Love You: I actually prefer this over black – the pink cellophane and glitter in the transparent pink jelly base turns blue and purple over dark colors and gives it a completely different look. Worn over another pink it’s a bit too girly for me, but the combination of glitters in ILLY is so fun.

Reggae To Riches: An oldie but a goodie – a rich magenta with a bright purple flash. Not my usual pick but something about that lovely duochrome purple makes me crave this polish every few months.

Mason: This looks pretty purple here, but it’s really a lovely, rich magenta (“Fandango pink,” according to Zoya, whatever that means). It’s got fabulous magenta sparkles that aren’t super noticeable but look amazing when the light catches. I can’t wait to use this guy in a jewel-tone mani for fall!

Cherry Cherry Bang Bang: I got this after seeing it on Rach’s site and was surprised how much I loved it! I usually wear this with an aqua like Zuza, but the nice, rich berry shade looks very classic on its own.

I did an easy gradient look with Bottoms Up and Warhol that I loooooooooove. It’s a very fun end of summer look, and I got so many compliments – sometimes the simplest nail art gets the most attention (and I’m sure the neon help draw people’s eye, as well)!

08-24-14 angled

My gradient wasn’t as smooth as I wanted, but I did this quickly super late at night. Not as bad as it could’ve been, though!

09-24-14 curled

See any of your favorites on my list? Let me know in the comments! Thank you so much for reading! See you next time with my favorite neutrals – A x


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