Favorites Month: Metallics

Oh man, I really thought I was going to be able to get all of my categories up by the end of August but that last week was INSANE, so my favorites month will bleed into September a little bit. For this post I’ve got my favorite metallics! Like most of my other categories, this one was harder than I thought it would be – I didn’t think I really used metallic all that much but it turns out once I started looking at my stash I had more than I thought and remembered how awesome they were! But I got ‘em narrowed down to ten, so here they are:

09-03-14 holo bottles1

Nfu-Oh #61: The master of holos! It doesn’t look like much in the bottle (except that the bottles are so freaking adorable!) but in direct light this sucker is the blingiest holo I’ve ever seen! SUCH a strong, bright, linear rainbow that really pops over the metallic silver base. The formula is finicky as hell, but I find if I’m able to do two quick strokes for each base with plenty of drying time in between it’s not too bad.

It’s Frosty Outside: My love of It’s Frosty Outside is well documented on this blog, but seriously – get this polish! It screams holiday with the bright metallic silver and matte glitter sequins that give just enough extra bling to make this polish so freaking pretty.

Diamond Geezer: Not much to say about this bad boy except if you’re looking for an amazing, bright metallic silver with sparkles, pick up a bottle of this!

Champers: I love rose-gold, and this one by Butter London is fabulous! It does seem to lean slightly more gold than rose on me, but I still really love it.

Penny Talk: This one is just a really great copper to have in your collection – smoothly metallic, almost reflective, with minimal brushstrokes. It looks very similar to Champers but in real life Champers is more rosy.

I don't even know what happened here - I keep losing bottles! I'm hoping I can find these MIA polishes soon, but for now please forgive my use of stand-ins!

I don’t even know what happened here – I keep losing bottles! I’m hoping I can find these MIA polishes soon, but for now please forgive my use of stand-ins!

Nothing Else Metals: I was intrigued when Essie’s Mirror Metallics collection came out but since neither Essie nor metallics are elements that make me go crazy with polish-lust, I didn’t pick this bottle up til I was at my fav polish shop last year and realized that I’d picked it up every single time I’d been there so I should probably just buy it. And thank goodness I did! A lavender metallic is just such a great idea, and this one has an easy formula, to boot!

Honey Ryder: Not super metallic in a reflective way, but I like that. Honey Ryder isn’t a super blingy texture polish but it’s a lovely neutral gold that goes with everything, and since in the last few years I’ve switched to favoring gold more than silver, I adore this guy.

Glitzerland: My go-to gold, as you can see by how much I’ve used it! Oddly for someone who loves bright polish, I usually do very neutral colors on my toes, and it’s usually Glitzerland. It’s just a really nice yellow-leaning shimmery gold to have in your arsenal!

2030: Awww, one of my oldest polishes! A cool-toned champagne gold, 2030 is fantastic at stamping. The designs come out perfectly crisp and gorgeous, and this hue looks especially great over darker colors.

Designer…de Better!: Another polish that was a gift! I got a mini set of these Muppets polishes, and I unexpectedly really loved this one. It’s a really unique shade – a silvery foil with flecks of copper – that seems fairly unassuming but looks really freaking cool on the nail. I can’t wait to bust this bad boy out again soon!

I had to use #61 (don’t you hate it when brands don’t name their polishes?) for my metallic mani, but I also wanted to add a little pop of something extra, so I did a gradient of gold dots using 2030. I really liked this, although it ended up looking like a New Year’s Eve mani, ha. I had a hard time getting good photos but I attempted to show that gorgeous holo flare:

09-03-14 holo curled around bottle

09-03-14 holo tilted back

09-03-14 holo curled under

So what did you think, see any of your favorites on my list? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading, I’ll have my last favorites category up soon! – A x


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