Witching Hour

I had a stamping mani in mind for today but I wasn’t really feeling it, honestly – stamping often takes me more than one try to look decent and I just wanted something easy, which is how I came up with this simple witchy look.
10-24-14 bottles
This is two coats coat of WnW’s Black Creme, my go-to black that has unfortunately become goopy. I then added a drop of regular top coat and gently placed my Hex nail charm.
10-24-14 curled
This is my first time trying out Hex and I’m really pleased! I was bummed when the star/moon charm I originally wanted was out of stock because it was a little bigger, but although this guy looks a smidge too small for my monster nails I still like it a lot. I’m going to take it off after a day to make sure I don’t lose it (these charms usually don’t stay long on me since I put my hands through the ringer every day).
10-24-14 ring
On my pinkie I used Pure Ice’s Gold (great name) to make an angled tip. I debated added a little something else but I think sometimes less is more, despite my inner magpie that always wants to throw on additional color/glitter/shiny!
10-24-14 diagonal
The movie I’m discussing today is not a Halloween movie, but it’s got that spooky feel that I love so I’m including it: Coraline. This movie is weird but awesome; based on the Neil Gaiman book, it tells the story if a blue-haired little girl who has two flighty/scatterbrained parents who’ve moved her to an odd apartment building in the middle of nowhere.

Bored now. via

Bored now.

Coraline feels neglected by her parents and bored, so she starts exploring and eventually finds a secret little door that’s got a brick wall behind it. Later that night, Coraline follows a mouse through that same door, which now leads to the Other world, where her Other Mother and Other Father are warm and attentive, and give her everything she wants. She keeps going back despite warnings from the other tenants in the apartment building, but eventually the Other Mother reveals her true colors.
10-24-14 Coraline creepy handWhile not outright scary, Coraline is delightfully dark, spooky, and moody, which I think by now you’ve learned I love. The animation in this film is ridiculously gorgeous, and my mind was blown when I saw this behind-the-scenes featurette on how they created Coraline’s teeny, tiny clothes (minuscule knitting needles ahhhh!). I also love that Coraline isn’t some sugary-sweet little girl character – she’s surly and sometimes whiny, and is a bit mean to the only other kid in her building, a boy named Wybie, who tries to hang with her. This isn’t her whole character, but I appreciate adding these traits in because I like when kids are portrayed with full personalities like anyone else. I saw this in 3D in theaters and got the 3D DVD because I love how subtle it is – adding just enough dimension to give the elements realistic depth without being super in your face. If you’re in the mood for a creepy but not scary flick, I highly recommend Coraline!
Coraline vs. her puppeteer via

Coraline vs. her puppeteer

Thanks for reading! I’ve got a mani based on one of my all-time favorite movies coming up next. See you then – A x