A Very Zoya Halloween

Hi everyone, and happy Halloween! I hope today is the perfect Halloween for you, whether that means going out to bars (and imbibing many Halloween-themed shots), dressing up for a costume party, or chilling at home with scary movies! I will be going out to a little place near my apartment because traffic/taxis are crazy on holidays here, but tomorrow is the real Halloween treat. I’ll explain more after I show you my final Halloween mani!

Zoya Dhara and Storm

Zoya Dhara and Storm

I wanted to go with traditional black and orange for my actual Halloween nails. This was my first time trying out Storm and I luuuuuurve it. I resisted buying it because I have so many black polishes already and I don’t really wear them that often (a friend in college wore black nails so often that I OD’d on them even though I asn’t even wearing them myself), but last Zoya promo I figured since I love my other Zoya scattered holos so much, I might as well try this one. And it does not disappoint!

10-31-14 curled

The only issue is that for a black it’s oddly sheer – I had to do three coats to get it fully opaque/not streaky. But once it dries it’s got a lovely glossy finish and ughhhhh I just love the flecks of holo against the inky black! It looks like a freaking galaxy on my nails! I couldn’t get a good pic but trust, in the sun this bad boy is a sparkly rainbow explosion of gorgeousness.


So purdyyyyyyy

I thought pointy V-gaps would look nicely Halloween-y, so I did those in Dhara using tape. Dhara is another one I was trying out for the first time, and I also loved it! Like Storm, I kept resisting buying Dhara because I already have OPI’s Jinx, which is a very similar color that leans more coral. I kept seeing gorgeous swatches, though, and I’m so glad I bought it because it’s juicy, sparkly, orange perfection! I used two coats and since it’s over black it looks more like a rusty/burnt orange than the vivid true orange it really is but I actually really loved that.

10-31-14 diagonal

So my Halloween treat is that I’m going to see Danny Elfman’s concert tomorrow night! They did it last year, too, but this time Danny himself is performing, which will be the first time he’s done it in over 20 years. Whaaaaat! Obviously, I’m so excited, and I’m so happy my friend L asked me along! She and I share a love of creepy, spooky things, and I know we’re gonna have the best time at the concert. (P.S. she has an awesome horror movie blog that you should check out if you’re into horror!) So in lieu of writing about another favorite spooky movie, I’m going to do a write up of the concert on the next post (it won’t technically be Halloween, but it’s always Halloween in my heart).

Thanks for reading and following my Halloween manicures all month, and I hope you all have a super fun Halloween! See you next time – A x