It’s Fall, Y’all!

Hello, lovely readers! I’m in such a good mood because fall has finally come to Southern California (well…for a few days, at least). I had a lovely Halloween weekend – a great night out Halloween night in my Cruella deVille costume, the fabulous Danny Elfman concert on Saturday, and a lovely day polish shopping then reading in the park on Sunday. Most importantly, I got to have my windows open all weekend and it was freaking divine. I’m in such a good mood I don’t even care that it’s Tuesday (the worst day), although that might be because I did a quick mani yesterday and it’s keeping me in the fall love bubble.

11-04-14 bottles

I mentioned this last year, but holy crap, Goldie Boo Boo (GBB) is autumn in a bottle! I say this every time but ughhhhh I’m so sad I Love Nail Polish has decided to not do glitters anymore because all the ones I have are awesome!

See??? This is ONE easy coat, people!

See??? This is ONE easy coat, people!

GBB is comprised of orange, gold, chocolate, and gray glitters in a clear base with gold micro glitter. I kind of regret putting it over Petra now, since you can’t really see the gray glitters, but I do love the gold and orange over Petra’s dusty purple-y gray.

11-04-14 diagonal

Unfortunately, this chipped pretty quickly because GBB’s base is pretty thick – this bottle if from ILNP’s original formulation, which is super thick and smells super strong – and combined with the kinda thick layer of top coat I added to make it smooth, well, it was a recipe for disaster. I got to enjoy the sparkle for a few days, at least!

11-04-14 around bottle

So I kind of had a two-parter Halloween – on Halloween night I went out in costume, then on Nov. 1, I went to the Danny Elfman concert with my friend L! The concert was held last year but this year was the first time he’d sang live in over 20 years, which is crazy. The concert was celebrating his 25-year collaboration with Tim Burton, and my pics aren’t the best, since it was obviously are to get great photos in such low lighting, but I tried:

11-04-14 Danny -main title

The show started with Charlie and The Chocolate Factory music playing over a video montage of Tim Burton’s films. I think they did a nice mix of Burton’s most well-known films and less iconic ones like Charlie (I didn’t even know what that music was until I looked at my program). Next they performed music from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, playing a segment from the movie (the bicycle race) on the screen, then mixing a few quick video clips with concept drawings. They did this for every movie segment, and it was awesome – I love seeing initial ideas and comparing them with what ended up being the final product.

Sleepy Hollow concept art.

Sleepy Hollow concept art.

Next up was Beetlejuice! This one got a montage of clips, plus a few different segments played (like where Beetlejuice shows up with the circus music playing). After that was Batman/Batman Returns. I have to confess: I used to have some of the Batman score on my iPod, I am weirdly obsessed with the music that plays as he’s taking Vicki Vale into the bat cave for the first time (oh boy, that sounds like a euphemism, doesn’t it?). Anyway, they also played my fav scene from Batman Returns, where Selena Kyle comes back to her apartment and wrecks the shit out of everything because she’s a badass now. My favorite part of the show, though, was how the audience would react to certain pieces – there was an audience-wide chuckle of recognition for Pee Wee and Mars Attacks!, and a swell of whispered excitement for Batman and The Nightmare Before Christmas. I love that so many people could tell which piece was which just from the opening notes, and I’m astounded that Danny Elfman has created so many iconic themes that thousands of people know instantly.

11-04-14 Danny - title card

The best part, though, was obviously The Nightmare Before Christmas, and it got the largest segment of the night. The orchestra played the overture, and Danny and a few helpers sang “This is Halloween” and “Making Christmas.” Danny performed “Jack’s Lament,” “What’s This?”, “Jack’s Obsession” and “Poor Jack” by himself, then brought out a special one-night-only guest, Catherine O’Hara, to perform “Sally’s Song”!

Catherineeeeee why didn't you come to the Beetlejuice Cinespia showing???

Catherineeeeee why didn’t you come to the Beetlejuice Cinespia showing???

The absolute best, though, was the secret encore – the official, on the program encore was Alice in Wonderland, and some people started leaving, but THEN Danny came back out and performed my favorite, “Oogie Boogie’s Song”! It was awesome, and hilarious because the conductor put on a Santa hat and played the part of Sandy Claws for his couple of lines. After Danny left and came back we thought we were in for another encore, but instead he gave a really lovely little speech that let the audience know that the orchestra playing that night was the same one that he used to record all his movie scores, and also that most of the orchestra had been there for almost 30 years, meaning they personally have been working with Danny for his whole career. How crazy is that? I thought it was really nice that he acknowledged the orchestra, and they were seriously so amazing.

11-04-14 Danny -Danny singing

A few random notes: I realized that Edward Scissorhands oddly doesn’t have a very memorable/iconic score except for the “Ice Dance” scene. The music is fairly nondescript, which was probably the point, but it’s very weird since it’s such a big movie and all the other classic Tim Burton film scores are instantly recognizable. I also thought the Big Fish segment went on way too long (real talk: I’ve never been a Big Fish fan), but I know a lot of people like it. Planet of the Apes, which I’ve never seen and have no intention of seeing, was kept blissfully short, as was Frankenweenie and Mars Attacks! – just enough of the music played without being overkill, which is fitting for the smaller films (real talk: I kinda love Mars Attacks!). Sleepy Hollow is one of my favorite movies, and that spooky-ass music was so amazing to hear live, especially when they played scenes on the screen. They had some singers perform a small section of Corpse Bride which was fun, and the Dark Shadows score was really beautiful (although it’s another I don’t really have any intention of seeing).

This is the second year they’ve performed this show, and I think it’ll probably be an annual thing, so if you’re in LA around Halloween, I highly recommend you get tickets! It was seriously, just the coolest thing ever.

Thanks for reading, if you got through my endless fangirling! I’m preparing to start a new mani as we speak, so I’ll have another post up soon. See you next time – A x


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