Nail Quickies: Rainbow Flakie

Hello, dear readers! I apologize for my absence this past week – I’ve had a few manis but nothing that felt interesting or pretty enough to post. I’ve been feeling a little lazy lately, so I’ve actually only been doing plain color nails. I KNOW, but I just haven’t been feeling even simple nail art. Today’s isn’t all that exciting, either, but I think it’s purdy!

11-17-14 bottles

I’m not usually one for blue-toned purples, but I grabbed No More Film randomly a few months ago and eh, it’s all right. It looks almost black on the nail unless you’re in direct sunlight, and I usually avoid those kinds of colors but it’s a nice base to make the flakes of Twisted pop. Anyway, I nabbed three of the new ILNP flakie polishes in the pre-order last Friday, which is what made me want to dig out one of the flakie polishes I already owned.

Sorry for the janky cuticles!

Sorry for the janky cuticles!

This is only one coat of Twisted, and as you can see, it’s got a really great amount of flakes. It felt super smooth, too, even before top coat. I wish there was more blue to really round out the rainbow-y-ness of the flakes, but I love all the different colors, it’s so fun – different than glitter but like a party on your nails!

11-17-14 curled

I’m so excited for the ILNP polishes, though. They won’t get here for almost a month but ughhhhh they look so gorgeous! They’re not like the usual flakie polishes – they’re opaque and seem to be made out of a shiny, foil-esque substance as opposed to traditional flakes like Twisted, which are sheer and iridescent. I had a hell of a time choosing which ones to order – even at a dollar off, they’re pricier than I like to pay for polish, so I limited myself to three, and I spent foreverrrrr clicking between swatches, trying to narrow it down, plus a lot of them are very similar, so it was difficult choosing. I tried to get three that had different color shifts, but I have one or two more in mind I might snatch up later as a Christmas present to myself. Exciteddddd.

Thanks for reading! I’ll try to do some fun nail art and post something more interesting soon. Thanks for reading, see you next time – A x


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